Email marketing campaigns can be a great way to improve your ROI even up to 122%, only if done correctly. 

So, one of the most critical steps in an email marketing campaign is ensuring that your email address validation is done properly to get better email deliverability.

Then, What is email validation?

Email validation is called the process to validate email addresses and verify the accuracy of an email address on your mailing list. 

This will help to ensure that your email messages are not landing in the spam folder and can reach their intended email box.

So, I will explain and remove all of your confusion on how to improve the efficiency of your email address by using the right email validation service or software in this article.

However, even if your email marketing skills are not the best, you will still be able to validate your email address and get started quickly. 

Then, let’s get going.

What is Email Validation?

You may have made a great effort to collect email addresses by using various ways or email service providers.

And certainly, you have sent out important email messages to your big contact list. 

But, you discovered that many of them were invalid email addresses. Or even they might have not the correct format.

Then what’s the solution?

Obviously, Email validation. 

What is Email Validation?
What is Email Validation? - Decrease Bounce Rates By 50% 7

So email address validation is the process of validating an email address to verify its existence and validity.

As well as, email validation help that the email address can be delivered and is hosted on a reliable domain such as Gmail or maybe yahoo. 

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But, why is this important?

What are the Benefits of Email Validation

There are many benefits to validating email addresses, including:

Prevents undeliverable messages: 

By verifying that an email address is valid, you can be sure that your message will reach its intended recipient. However, this is important for both personal and business communications.

Reduces bounces: 

When an email address is invalid, the email message will be bounced back to the sender. This can cause problems for businesses relying on email to communicate with customers, as it can appear unprofessional.

Prevents high spam rates: 

Spammers often use invalid email addresses to send unrequested messages. Thus, verifying email addresses can help reduce the spam rates you receive.

Improves deliverability: 

Email service providers often use email validation to improve the deliverability of messages. So, your messages are more likely to reach the targeted recipient’s inbox.

Protects your email reputation: 

If you send a lot of emails that bounce back, your sender reputation may suffer. And this will make it difficult to get your messages delivered in the future. So, email validation can help you protect your sender reputation.

There are many other benefits of email validation, and it is a process that is well worth doing if you rely on email for communication. 

But, if you are not doing so, we recommend that you start verifying email addresses today.

Why is Email Validation Important?

Let’s say you have a big email list.

And you run a cold email campaign with no email validation help. Certainly, You’ll get hard bounces for invalid email addresses. 

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But, existing recipients will still receive email addresses that don’t make sense.

So, a hard bounce rate can damage your sender reputation score and reduce email deliverability. 

Why is Email Validation Important?
What is Email Validation? - Decrease Bounce Rates By 50% 8

However, even if there are valid email addresses.

It won’t be possible to send the email directly to their email box. So it could be a concern for the whole email marketing campaign system.

These are the important reasons to validate your email address:

  • Reduce a hard bounce rate
  • Avoid sending risky emails  
  • Increase primary inbox email deliverability
  • Find out the most accurate marketing data  
  • Boost your sender reputation and email sender score 
  • Remove spam complaints  
  • Stop temporary and check-all accounts
  • Improve engagement rates  
  • Get a low-cost email marketing campaign  

The list goes on.

But, you don’t have to validate your email list every time.

Only do it if:

  • You receive a new email address on your mailing list    
  • You get a low conversion rate  
  • Or you get a high bounce rate

Do it at least once per month even though nothing bad happens.

Since regular email validation will improve the efficiency of your email address and ensure that you have an accurate & deliverable email list.

Now that you have an overview of what is email address validation and the reasons why is email validation important. 

Let’s learn how it works.

Email Validation Vs Email Verification

Email validation and email verification are two processes that are often confused with one another.

Both aim to ensure that an email address exists and has the correct format, but they differ in their methodology and what they can guarantee.

Email validation is a simple process that checks an email address’s syntax to ensure it is correctly formatted.

This type of check can be done programmatically with relative ease. Email validation does not guarantee that the email address exists or is associated with an active mailbox.

While on the other hand, Email verification does guarantee that the email address exists and is associated with an active mailbox.

This is done by sending a test message to the email address in question and then waiting for a response.

If no response comes back after a certain period, the email address is considered invalid. 

Email verification is a more reliable way to ensure an email address is valid, but it is also more time-consuming and difficult to automate.

What is Email Validation Process?

Similarly, email validation is the same as email verification. However, the latter is more complicated than the first one.

So, email address validation improves the efficiency of your email deliverability. 

Email Validation Statistics
What is Email Validation? - Decrease Bounce Rates By 50% 9

However, there are numerous ways to validate emails.

But generally speaking, you need to begin with a spelling check and ensure that you don’t misspell something. 

As well as, look out for a spam trap.

Because many email addresses are designed to catch users who aren’t adhering to the best practices of an email marketing campaign.

Also, make sure that these emails are not on your email list. Otherwise, the internet service providers (ISPs) and email service providers (ESPs) will block you.

Secondly, check the structure in which your email address is formatted. And, be sure not to overlook any [ @ ] symbols in your emails. 

For example,

Email validation tools or services should be able to detect emails similar to the email address [ alex@alex@bb ].

Furthermore, make sure that the email addresses are error free from syntax errors and typos.

Email Validation Statistics
What is Email Validation? - Decrease Bounce Rates By 50% 10

In fact, the email validation process functions as each mailbox’s validation.

So, It uses an SMTP server protocol to verify that an email address exists or an email box is available at a specific address.

Let me write down and create the email validation checklist that you need to follow:

  • Check that the email addresses are error free from typos 
  • Validate syntax errors
  • Find the disposable emails
  • Check for the contact list DNS errors  
  • Verify an email address before sending an email

The email validation process takes only a minute to complete.

But, if it is done by the best practices using the best email validation service or software, it will improve the efficiency of your email address as well.

So, there are plenty of email validation tools that are free and premium to validate your email lists on the move.

You can even perform the task manually, but it could take a lot of time.

You must investigate the subject more deeply if you’re like me. Or particularly if you’re an absolute newbie.

How To Verify Emails Before Sending?

Email addresses are composed of the [ @ ] symbol as well as a dot [ . ]  and ASCII characters.

  • The first portion contains personal details.
  • While the second part must be a reliable domain name for which the email address is registered. 
Why email validation is important
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So, let’s give more details here. 

The first portion of an email address is:

  • Alphabets, such as [ A B, C, ] and many more
  • Special symbols such as [ @, +, _ ] or more
  • Full stop or dot

The second portion of an email address includes:

  • Dots [ . ] 
  • Hyphens [ – ]
  • Digits [ 1,2,3 ]
  • Letters [ a,b,c ]

 Here are some examples of valid email addresses:

Meanwhile, here are some examples of invalid email addresses:

  • [email protected] ( Consecutive dots [ . ] are not allowed )
  • [email protected] ( Reliable domain name doesn’t start with the dot [ ] )
  • John[]$ ( Remove email addresses that include underscore, dash, and numbers only )
  • ( [ @ ] Symbol must exist )
  • [email protected] ( [ .b ] is not a reliable domain name )  

However, manually verifying your email list will take a lot of time and generally, you can’t verify each email address individually.

So, if there isn’t a programming background, you may need to engage a developer for this.

Otherwise, you still have the chance and can Verify your Email Address Without Sending an Email using the email validation service or software.

How Does Email Validation Help?

Email validation can help keep your email list clean and improve email delivery.

By verifying that each email address on your list is valid, you can be sure that your messages reach their intended recipients.

This can lead to a higher open rate as well as click-through rates and, ultimately, will bring better results for your business.

In addition to improving deliverability, email validation can also help prevent bounces.

When an email is sent to an invalid address, it will usually bounce back to the sender.

So, this can cause problems with your sender reputation and may even result in your emails being blocked by some Internet Service Providers.

Validating your email addresses can help reduce the number of bounces you experience and make it more likely that your messages will get through to their intended recipients.

Email validation is an important factor for anyone who relies on email to communicate with their customers or prospects.

Email Validation Services

There is numerous email validation service or software on the market nowadays.

Each has its own high-quality attributes. Meanwhile, some verify one particular information, and others perform other functions. 

So, if you are in the email marketing field take a look at these Best Email Marketing Services.

These are the best email validation tools out there for an email address validation or email list.


It’s among the most well-known email verification tools used by businesses like TripAdvisor. However, ZeroBounce has multiple verification options. 

It provides single as well as large-scale email validation services. It offers customers vital information as well.

Pricing: ZeroBounce provide monthly 100 email validation for no cost.

But, if you’d like to spend more on expenses, they start from $39 to $249 per month.

Contact them about pricing if you wish to have unlimited access.


It is also one of the best email validation tools available on the market and is used by large companies such as Shopify. 

According to their website, they’ve validated more than five billion emails up to today.

It enables flawless integration with third parties and has a different format for files.

Pricing: Usually, EmailListVerify charges $0.004 per email validation. But they also offer significant discounts each month.

Don’t forget to take a look.

Conclusion – What is Email Validation

Invalid emails can create a negative email reputation score for your business or domain name.

And, you will be also spending a lot of time and money while email marketing campaigns because of an excessive bounce rate. 

The first thing to perform after acquiring emails is to validate them. And the method of validating emails is termed email validation. 

Meanwhile, it involves checking the typos, syntax errors, and spelling of your emails.

Also, it involves searching the DNS errors or pinging the email address.

So, you should always consider the best email validation services if you’re new to the field.

That’s it! Have questions? Tell me in the comment section below.

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