Actually, those days are gone when you were waiting and praying that your emails land in the inbox.

Whether it is a cold email campaign or a regular newsletter, the email verification process should be the first step before sending out the email campaigns. 

However, any email campaign performance without a proper email verification will face a Hard Bounce ( 50% up to 90% bounce rate ).

But, the question is how to verify email address without sending email.

Well, if you verify email addresses, you will not only reduce the emails bounce rate but will also increase your sender reputation score on the internet.

However, most people believe that email verification is much more important before sending cold email campaigns.

But they don’t know how to validate email addresses without sending emails.

So, if you mean to have a successful email marketing campaign consider these 3 main factors every time. 

  1. Email Validation,
  2. Email Warm-up, and
  3. Email Verification

Since I have already discussed what is email validation and email warm up.

Today I will walk you through why you need to verify an email address and how to verify an email address without sending an email?

What is Email Verification?

Email verification is the method of verifying the accuracy of an email address and whether your recipient’s email address is active or not.

It also validate email addresses whether the email account is valid and belongs to an actual person.

And that you’re not wasting your time trying to communicate with inactive or fake accounts.

What is Email Verification
How To Verify Email Address Without Sending Email in 2022 10

An email verifier is the one that verify an email address by performing some email verification process like:

  • Email Syntax check,
  • DNS check
  • Domain name check,
  • Catch-All check, and
  • MX Records Check. 

But why should you verify the email lists?

Let’s get to know together.

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Why Do You Need to Verify an Email Address?

Sending a cold email campaign or newsletter to 500 verified email addresses is better than sending it to 1000 unverified email addresses. 

However, there are several reasons why you might want to verify an email address.

For example, if you’re planning to send out mass email campaigns, you have to ensure that all of the email accounts on your list are valid so that your messages don’t end up in the spam folder.

Then, how to verify email without sending message?

Or For another example: 

If you send 500 emails to your clients and 5 of your recipients mark your email as spam.

Then you will get a 1% Spam score against your email campaign.

So think about this: What will happen if you send 1000 emails to unverified email addresses? 

Boom????, you will get up to a 50% bounce rate and a 50% spam score.

This is where either you will get banned by ESPs or destroy your sender reputation score.

These are the fundamental factors of every successful email campaign.

Whereas failure in one of them will affect all other factors. 

Take a look at the picture below,

verify email address without sending email
How To Verify Email Address Without Sending Email in 2022 11

Therefore, always consider email validation before sending an email to each new customer that comes to your email list. 

As well as for newsletters marketing, you have to verify the list regularly. The email verification frequency depends on how fast your email list grows.

So, the faster it grows, the more frequently you have to verify it. 

Suppose, if your newsletter campaign gets more than a 2% bounce rate. Then, you have to verify the email list immediately.

But unfortunately, sending an email without email address validation will hurt your sending reputation score and reduce the deliverability of your future email campaigns. 

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What are Soft Bounce and Hard Bounce?

Soft Bounce

Soft emails bounce is the term which means the email account is valid. But the recipient email address is unreachable.

Either because it is full or the email size is not compatible with the recipient’s email address.

Hard Bounce

Hard emails bounce is the one that indicates the email account is invalid or it doesn’t exist.

So, sending emails without email address validation can cause your sender reputation score to get affected.

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What is a Valid Email Address?

Valid email addresses are the one that passes all the email verification tests and are correctly formatted and can be used to receive from a sender email address.

At the same time, it ensures that the recipient’s email server is operational and it is not set to Accept-All, and the email address is valid.

There are a few techniques to consider while testing if an email address is valid or not.

The first step is considering the format of the email addresses. It should have a username, domain name, and possibly a subdomain.

The second step to think about is whether the email address is capable of receiving email.

You can check this by sending test emails to the address.

And If the mail server rejects them, then they are invalid addresses.

Or, you can use one of the email verification tools to verify an email address as shown below.

What is a Valid Email Address
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What is an Invalid Email Address?

An invalid email address is a term that means the email cannot receive messages from other sender email address.

However, the recipient’s email server exists, but it is not operational.

So, never send emails to those email addresses as they will bounce back and hurt your email campaign.

There are a few ways to determine if email addresses are valid.

The first way is to send an email to the email account and see if it bounces back or not.

Another way is to use an email verification tool or an email finder tool, which will check the validity of an email address for you.

What is an Invalid Email Address
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What is a Disposable Email?

A disposable email simply means a temporary email account that may expire after a few minutes. 

For example: 

When someone visits a website for some reason.

But the website requires them to sign up, either to give them access or send them newsletters later on. 

So, the visitor may not want to sign up with an actual email account to get rid of such action in the future.

Instead, they generate a temporary email account just to sign up, which is called a disposable email address.

It is strongly recommended to verify an email address you get on the internet to protect your sender reputation.

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How To Verify An Email Without Sending A Single Email?

However, verifying an email address or an email list is pretty simple.

But there is only two option to verify an email address without sending an email.

Free email verifier tools 

A free email verifier is the best option to go.

If you have a low-volume contact list or just want to verify an email address randomly for an email outreach.

Email finder tools with built-in verification 

However, if you are scaling and planning to send a cold email campaign with high-volume email lists.

You should not risk a hard bounce and go with any email finder tools or an email validator that automatically verify email addresses without sending an email.

However, you may already know the importance of email in business.

But these are some must-have email marketing skills that you have to know. 

Now let’s see how to verify email addresses without sending a single email step by step.

How to Verify an Email Address with is an all-in-one outreach automation platform that provides everything you need for email marketing, sales automation and email validation.

It offers everything under one roof, from lead generation to lead nurturing as well as it is an email validator.


  • You can build a sales funnel with targeted leads.
  • Use a triggered drip campaign with automated follow-ups for email outreach.
  • Verify email addresses to reduce an email bounce rate.
  • Maximize deliverability and response rate.
  • Boost your B2B sales.
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It is also an email finder tool with built-in verification that can automatically verify an email address.

On the other hand, it has individual and bulk email verification tools and you can manually verify single and multiple email addresses.

It comes with 98% guaranteed accuracy and a 7-tier verification process, Such as: 

  1. Email Format Check,
  2. Gibberish Check,
  3. Domain Check,
  4. Catch-All Check,
  5. Freemail Check,
  6. MX Records Check, and
  7. SMTP Server Authentication.

Along with the paid plans, provides free accounts as well.

However, for the startups and to test out everything, you can go with a free account.

It will give you 50 Credits, and you can run email verification for up to 100 emails.

But, if you have a huge mailing list, you can opt for one of their paid plans. This way you will get more credits, CRM functionalities, and unlimited users.

Now let’s dive into the main topic.

How to Verify an Email Address with Step By Step.

1 – Create an account here.

2 – log in to your account, navigate the left side panel, and click “Verify Email”.

verify email address without sending email
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3 – Paste your email in the area within “Type in an email for verification” and then press the “Verify Email” button.

verify email address without sending email
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4 – After the email verification, you will see the result that is shown in the picture below. 

  • The green mark indicates that the email is Valid.
  • The red mark indicates that the email is invalid.
verify email address without sending email
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5 – That’s it, and you have successfully verified the email address.

After verifying your email addresses with, you can easily add all the valid emails to your mailing list or create a new email list.

However, is not only for email verification. But you can also search for anyone’s email address on the internet. 

Meanwhile, with the chrome extension, you can spy on your competitors or any website to find their emails.

As well as quickly build an email list for your cold email marketing. 

Most importantly, with’s premium account, you can run targeted drip campaigns and generate more leads.

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Wrap Up – How To Verify Email Address Without Sending Email

Hopefully, now you know how crucial it is to verify an email address before email outreach.

Whether you are collecting new emails to the list or getting an email list from external sources, email verification is a must.

Or, If you are sending a regular newsletter or a cold email campaign, you have to make sure that all of your emails in the list are valid and verified. 

Email list verification is something that you must perform regularly.

But, if you want to automate verification, use an email finder tool to put everything on autopilot.

To sum up, Email verification is the factor that will help you reduce bounce rates, protect the sender reputation and increase your delivery rates. 

I hope that the article was helpful.

But, if you have any questions or feedback, feel free to ping me in the comment section.

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