Skillshare is an amazing resource for beginners, entrepreneurs, and creative professionals. But the selection can be a little overwhelming.

However, with so many e-learning platforms and classes out there, it can be hard to know is Skillshare worth it? Or How do you know which courses will help you meet your goals?

So, we’ve created this Skillshare review 2022 to help you find the best classes and courses for your needs.

Further, the list includes What is Skillshare, Who is Skillshare for, and How much it costs? With some of the most helpful tips and tricks.

Let’s dive into it.


1. Free Trial

Skillshare provides a trial period for free for its Premium membership, allowing you to enjoy the whole experience of learning before making a financial commitment.

2. Affordable

The cost of Skillshare is reasonable, and if you sign up for one year-long deal, you’ll receive more than 50% off and is exceptionally affordable.

3. A big pool of classes

Skillshare provides thousands of courses covering freelance, photography, design, illustration, video, and more. I believe it’s impossible to get bored by the variety. 

4. Engaged Community

Skillshare has a very active community, and this makes its classes more engaging and enjoyable.


1. Quality Control

Since anyone is able to create their course through Skillshare, the quality of the available courses may differ depending on the courses. 

2. No Certificates

There’s no official (or non-official) certification you’ll receive at the end of a course. It’s an e-learning platform for personal development. 

3. Only Available In English

While Skillshare offers courses for any language, most courses are in English rather than any other language. 

Skillshare Review 2022 – Overview

Skillshare is an e-learning platform that offers thousands of courses designed for entrepreneurs and creative people. 

The topics and classes include design, freelancing, illustration, video, photography, and many more. 

Skillshare Review 2022
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It provides one month free trial of the Premium plan for users who sign up. It either charges monthly at $32 or yearly at $180

Skillshare also offers plans for businesses and teams, which start at $159 per year per user. The three-team plans provide different programs to meet the needs of every business or team. 

It also provides financial and Scholarship support to eligible learners and has a 7 days refund policy for yearly memberships, Is Skillshare Worth It yet?

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Who Is Skillshare For?

This online learning platform is intended for professionals looking to improve their abilities or enhance their existing ones.

It focuses on entrepreneurs (e.g., marketing or SEOs) and creative professionals (e.g., chefs, designers, artists, etc. ). Small businesses and freelancers are the ones who get more benefits out of skillshare.

However, if you’re looking for formal educational platforms (or certificates), Skillshare won’t be an ideal choice. In these instances, I suggest you try Coursera.

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Skillshare for Teams

Skillshare does not just offer courses for individuals. It also provides plans for teams and businesses. It has three plans for teams that uplift, uplevel, and upskill any business or team, regardless of its size or demands. 

Skillshare for Teams
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Skillshare for Team plans:

  • Starter for 2-19 users
  • Enterprise for 20+ users
  • Revive for 50+ users

These three plans provide unlimited access to Skillshare courses, Class Lists by skill or topics, Skillshare Originals, using in mobile devices, watching offline, peer feedback, teacher, as well as technical assistance. 

Naturally, the Enterprise plan comes with more advanced features, such as analytics and engagement reports, API integrations, and curated learning pathways.

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Skillshare Community

Skillshare is an online educational community that values its members coming together to discover the inspiration they need, connect with each another, and then move on in their journey of creativity.


Collaboration makes up an essential component of the Skillshare platform. It has teamed up with a few teachers in Skillshare to offer you, groups. 

The groups are divided into four categories: Technology, Creative, Business, and Lifestyle.

The Groups offer a chance for users to join with other creators, discuss their work, and push their talents towards the next step. 

Skillshare Groups
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When you join a Group, it will allow you to interact with other Skillshare members in the same field by sharing your work, asking questions, providing and receiving feedback, or talking about your interests. 

If you’re using an account for free, you are welcome to join groups; however, those with a Premium account can join and post on them. 

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Student Projects

Skillshare members can share the work they’ve been working on and get likes and comments upon by others Skillshare members. It’s a fantastic chance to meet others and be part of an inspiring and engaging community.

Skillshare Student Projects
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If you’re seeking an online platform for learning with an emphasis on community and sharing with other members, Skillshare is the right platform for you.

Is Skillshare Worth It now, No? Get a free trial and test everything for free.

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How Much Is Skillshare?

The pricing for Skillshare is straightforward. It offers a premium plan for people who want to enhance their experience or learn.

It gives you access to more than 35,000 classes and the features of watching courses offline.

How Much Is Skillshare?
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Skillshare Premium Plan 

Skillshare offers a 1-Month Trial for the Premium plan. It’s an excellent opportunity to test this online platform before committing financially. 

Monthly: $32 Per User, Per Month. 

Annually: $180 Per User, Per Year at $15 a month.

Skillshare Premium Plan 
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Skillshare Teams

Skillshare offers three different plans for Teams:

The basic plan is Starter, Enterprise is for a medium-sized team or business, and Revive, which can be for more than 50 users. It has created a team plan to fulfil the requirements of all businesses and teams.

Skillshare Teams
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  • Starter: 159$ Per User, Per Year for teams of (2-19)
  • Enterprise: Pricing differs based on the team size and requirements for teams of (20+) 
  • Revive: Pricing differs based on team size and requirements for teams of (50+)

Team plans are all billed annually or on a multi-year agreement. Prices are billed yearly per user. Unfortunately, there isn’t an option to pay monthly.

Skillshare Scholarships

Skillshare provides a variety of scholarships ranging from 50% discount membership for furloughed workers within the UK, and to University or College Students.

Skillshare Scholarships
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If you have the eligibility to fulfil the requirements, then you can apply for a Scholarship. The process of applying is easy.

All you have to give is your name, and email address and describe why you’re applying for this Scholarship. Then, They will inform you by email if you’re successful.

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How To Open A Skillshare Account?

Opening an account on skillshare is much simpler and in a couple of clicks. You have to take these steps to open a new account:

How To Open A Skillshare Account?
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  1. Visit skillshare and you will see Sign up on the home page.
  2. Down below, click on Sign Up and select one of the registration methods you want: Google account, Facebook, or your email address. 
  3. Check the email you received from your Skillshare confirmation email.

If you like to go with a premium Skillshare account, all you have to do is click the “Go Premium” button and choose the subscription type you’d like to buy (annual or bi-monthly).

What Categories can I find on Skillshare?

While Browsing on the left-hand side of the screen, you’ll notice that it has split its creative courses into three significant categories.

The most popular category is Create, with a total number of 10 topics. The build has 4, while The Thrive has 2 topics. 

What Categories can I find on Skillshare?
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  • Creat: Creative Writing, Animation, Graphic Design, Fine Art, Film & Video, Photography, Music, Illustration, web development, and UX/UI Design. 
  • Build: Freelance & Entrepreneurship, Business Analytics, Marketing, and Leadership & Management.
  • Thrive: Productivity and lifestyle. 

Skillshare is an excellent resource for free classes in all of the categories above, so it’s a great option to try the courses.

Additionally, the trial version offered by the Skillshare Premium plan provides you access to all of the classes and courses. Well, Is Skillshare Worth It or not after knowing all this information about it?

Skillshare Review 2022 – 7 Tips To Make It Worth

Similar to most online learning platforms, skillshare also has review systems that users can find out to see past students’ thoughts on a specific course. But there are no methods to find an excellent class for you.

Let me share some ways to choose the best course for you.

Filter Out The Classes

If you purchase from websites like Amazon, Flipkart or eBay, you may filter the search to narrow your reach. Skillshare’s user interface is equipped with filters that you can use to choose the best class for you.

Filter Out The Classes
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After you’ve chosen the topic, you can sort the classes you want to see by free or premium, and then select the desired duration of the course. It is possible to sort the classes based on trend or popularity.

Unfortunately, the filters do not offer as many choices as those you’ll find on other platforms like Coursera or Udemy. However, they are still helpful.

About This class

On the landing page of the class, you will find the “About this Class” section.

It will describe whom the course is targeted at and what you’ll be learning in the class, the level of the class (from beginning to advanced level), and the skills you’ll learn after completion.

About This class
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Additionally, there is a brief description of the instructor usually, which outlines their passion, experiences, and motivation for teaching the subject.

The best place to begin is to ensure whether the instructor teaches techniques are the ones you are looking for and that the class level matches your own experience.

Available projects

Because Skillshare courses are project-based, you will get an opportunity to get an overview of the work that instructors will use to help their teaching during the course.

Available projects
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As you see in the picture above, the course materials are available even before the beginning. I recommend you see them because they’ll give you a precise idea of what you’ll be learning and practising. 

Read Skillshare review 2022

Another tip for finding your desired class is to read what previous students said about the course.

The review system provides the students’ opinions on what they had to say about the course. You can then click on any grades to read the review of the course (e.g. rating reviews, only ‘Exceeded!’).

You may also decide to take the time to read some reviews written by the other users, but keep in mind that Skillshare sorts them automatically from the best to the worst.

Read reviews at Skillshare
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Sort them according to “Most Recent” to get a balanced collection of feedback from users.

I check out the “Most liked” section too. This section gives details about the various elements that students liked most. Examples include helpful information, the instructor’s clarity and organization, and how efficient the class is.

Find out more about the instructor

On, Teacher on the site has a page on which they describe their background, professional experiences, and objectives in teaching. 

Reading this page could help you understand every teacher and determine if you enjoy their teaching style.

Find out more about the instructor
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However, you’re not limited to the details you will find on their instructor’s profile page, as you see in the photo above. Typically, they include links to their website or social media profiles. 

Visit them to find additional information about your prospective teacher, but not be a creepy stalker! 

Free Trial

The 1-Month trial allows you to test this Skillshare website and its classes for a whole month at no cost.

Remember that you can end the subscription before the one-month expires if you wish to stop using the Skillshare premium plan. They will not charge you anything.

Free Trial
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Skillshare App

You can log on to Skillshare on your smartphone or tablet via the Skillshare application. When you sign up for the premium plan, you will be able to learn anywhere, even when offline. 

All you have to do is download the lessons before you start, and then you can study from any location.

Skillshare App
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As you progress through various classes, it will be synced to any device you have, whether your laptop, tablet or phone.

If you have a busy schedule or have a long commute, then learning through the Skillshare app could be the solution to your needs. You can download it on both devices, Android and IOS.

Last Thoughts: Skillshare Review 2022

Following this Skillshare review 2022, I’m hoping you’ll have gained a better idea of how this interactive online learning platform operates and if Is Skillshare Worth It?

Let me summarize it.

The premium plan has a reasonable price and offers access to over 35,000 classes targeted at entrepreneurs, creative professionals and students.

The class community is usually active, so interaction with fellow students can be enjoyable. The trial period of one month gives you the chance to try the lessons before committing.

If you’re part of an entrepreneurial team or a business, one of the three-team plans could be the best option. Its basic plan is the least expensive, but you can also choose Revive or Enterprise, which are custom plans.  

As stated before, when you’re seeking any formal recognition of your education (e.g. a certification), then you’ll need to look somewhere else (e.g. Coursera or edX).

Even though they offer many online courses typically, they’re designed around marketing, entrepreneurship, and design aspects, which you can not find the exact course you require anywhere else.  

Comment down below what you think? Is Skillshare Worth It?. 😍

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