Since everyone talks about Facebook or Instagram marketing but how to use LinkedIn for business development in social and digital marketing. 

LinkedIn is not only for working professionals or job seekers. But, LinkedIn marketing can be a powerful tool for reaching professional audiences, whether a business owner, entrepreneur, or a brand.

LinkedIn has introduced many features over the past year that increase engagement. It includes LinkedIn stories as well as polls. 

But, how to use LinkedIn for business development?

Meanwhile, the study shows that 59% of user says that by LinkedIn marketing strategies you can generates 277% more leads than Facebook marketing for business development. 

Are you still curious? Continue reading to know more about how to use LinkedIn for business development as well as LinkedIn marketing.

How To Use LinkedIn For Business Development

I have included 9 ways to grow your business with LinkedIn marketing in this article.

1 – Optimize Your LinkedIn Page

Optimizing websites for brands and businesses is a common topic. But what is LinkedIn page optimization? 

Similarly, like an Instagram page, how you want your brand to be seen quickly and create a bio that describes your brand’s goal. 

In the same way, you can think about your target audience on LinkedIn and create a page that targets them. 

For example, If you are searching for new employees, share information about your team and benefits.

Optimize Your LinkedIn Page
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Most importantly, your page’s visual appearance is vital to support how to use LinkedIn for business development and your LinkedIn marketing strategies. 

Therefore, Make sure you have a high-resolution, well-designed cover page and profile picture. Meanwhile, everything you post on LinkedIn should be aimed at setting the tone for your brand. 

However, if you want to increase your brand’s visibility and discoverability, ensure that you use relevant keywords on your LinkedIn page.

2 – Promote Your LinkedIn Page

Secondly, promote your page if you want to get more profile visits, followers and grow your business with LinkedIn marketing. However, creating a LinkedIn page is not just enough for your company. 

How To Grow Your LinkedIn Page Followers

Meanwhile, to promote your LinkedIn page, send an email across the company and let the employees know about your page. 

As well as ask your employees to follow the page and add it to their LinkedIn page as a workplace. Then, share it with their friends. 

The report shows that the content shared by employees is 8X more effective than content shared by brands.

You can also notify your customers and friends about the page and ask them to follow you. Therefore, use all your social media and digital platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and email newsletters. 

Read here the Ultimate Guide to Content Distribution Strategy for your business development.

LinkedIn also allows page administrators to invite their connections to follow them. Click on Admin Tools, then next, click on Invite connections.

How to invite more connection to LinkedIn page.
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3 – Start Creating And Sharing Content

Once you have got followers on your page, it is time to share content! But, not just every content, photo, or video performs better on social media as well as the same goes for LinkedIn. 

However, it shows that posts with pictures get 98% more engagements than those without pictures. So, pages that contain custom collages of three to four images perform better.

Start Creating And Sharing Content on LinkedIn.
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Videos are the best content type to use if you desire to stand out. However, videos get 5X more engagement on LinkedIn than other types of content. 

The videos play automatically whenever a user scrolls down to them. As well as this is why it’s an excellent feature to grab attention. However, LinkedIn’s algorithm prioritizes videos uploaded directly to LinkedIn.

4 – Use LinkedIn’s Features

LinkedIn has many new features that make it easier than ever for you to connect with your audience and followers. As well as this is another feature of how to use LinkedIn for business development.

LinkedIn Live

Live videos are becoming more popular with creators and brands. But, it’s not surprising, as live videos are a personal and digital way for creators to connect with their communities. 

Meanwhile, LinkedIn live transcends borders and can even be used to combat a pandemic. LinkedIn also states that live videos receive 24X more engagements than native videos.

LinkedIn Live
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LinkedIn Live is not yet available for everyone. Since users will need to fill out an application form for that. 

However, they will review your content and video creation history, audience size, engagement rates, as well as two-factor authentication needs to be enabled. 

After they approve your application, you can host live videos. But for that, you have to use a third-party streaming tool for hosting. It also lets you stream on multiple platforms simultaneously.

LinkedIn Polls

LinkedIn polls can be a great way of driving engagement in a short amount of time as well as they allow for a lot more flexibility. You can make your topic lighthearted or humorous.

LinkedIn Polls
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For genuine feedback on serious topics and to find out the needs of your audience:

LinkedIn Polls
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Only poll creators can see who voted and what they voted. You can view the activity live, such as the remaining time to vote, the results, as well as how votes are cast. 

Quick Reactions

LinkedIn users can now react to posts with various expressions similar to Facebook reactions.

LinkedIn Quick Reactions
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These expressions were created with professional updates in view. You can use the “Celebrate!” reaction to announce promotions, new businesses, or team members.

This new feature allows for faster engagement and also allows for more creative marketing ideas. 

5 – Use LinkedIn Analytics

LinkedIn analytics will help you determine what things are working and what are not. Furthermore, you can view the number of people who visit your page and which tab they’re most interested in.

You can also see their demographics, including their location, job function, and industry. However, it will let you know your audience better and make adjustments if needed.

Use LinkedIn Analytics
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LinkedIn can provide individual post analytics in addition to visitor analytics. Click on a post and then click on “View Stats” on the top right. You can then see your content performance.

This information will assist you in customizing your LinkedIn marketing strategy to increase your success. By seeing, what kind of content are your followers most interested in?

6 – Define Your Audience And Goals

Targeting is crucial, whether you’re trying for brand recognition or generating leads. However, it’s much easier to identify your audience once you have a clear idea of what you are trying to achieve.

Suppose you sell a social media productivity tool. Here, is how to use LinkedIn for business development?

In that case, your goal has to be brand awareness with LinkedIn members who have job titles such as “social media manager” and “social media lead.”

Meanwhile, a good understanding of your audience guides to a better lead generation.

7 – Highlight Your Best Content 

To boost the content to your audience’s feed, use sponsored content.

  • Increase your followers by sharing your updates with more people    
  • Make use of LinkedIn’s extensive targeting tool to reach the right audience
  • Test different versions of your message by using Direct Sponsored Content
  • Use conversion tracking to track the leads that you get from your ads.

8 – Create LinkedIn Ads Campaigns

LinkedIn allows you to set up self-service ads using Sponsored material, Dynamic ads, Message ads, and Text ads. Therefore, the campaign Manager is LinkedIn’s advertising platform that combines these features.

LinkedIn Campaign Manager lets you set a budget as well as select goals (impressions vs clicks).

LinkedIn Ads Campaigns
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Additionally, you will have complete control over any campaign timeline. The platform includes many features that will help you achieve your advertising goals as well.

9 – Refine Your LinkedIn Profile

Your profile is an excellent option to make a first impression. So, one of the best ways to increase your contact ratio is to keep your profile up-to-date because Your audience is not just interested in your brand. 

Profiles are important in B2B platforms because people do business with each other.

  • Be as complete as possible and strive to improve your profile
  • Add achievements, examples, and skills of your latest work
  • Your personality should be displayed as well as Authenticity can be as crucial as experience

Conclusion: How To Use LinkedIn For Business Development

As we stated before, LinkedIn gets 1.30 billion monthly visits, as well as 50% of B2B web traffic originates from LinkedIn. It has more than 750 million active members. Meanwhile, more than 30.75% of its visitors are from the USA alone. 

Additionally, 94% of social media and B2B marketers use LinkedIn for business development. On the other hand, 59% of B2B marketers say that 80% of B2B generated leads come from LinkedIn, among other social platforms.

So, now you know how to use LinkedIn for business development and how much you can get from these LinkedIn marketing strategies.

I hope you found this article helpful, and feel free to ask your question in the comment.