How to start your business online with no audience is always a challenge.

It can be hard to get started when you don’t have an audience or followers.

But you’re not alone.

Many people find it difficult to start their own business without an audience. However, there are many ways to get started.

You can create a blog and market other people’s products, launch a dropshipping or drop servicing website, or even offer SAAS services.

As you’ll see, creating a website is only the initial step. It could be the easiest part of beginning your own business online.

But, the hardest part is How to start your business online with no audience, When you don’t have many followers.

This is where your journey begins.

Finding followers from scratch could appear to be a difficult task, but it’s not impossible.

As a matter of Fact!

Online business is definitely time consuming and requires full-time with hard work.

But, I guarantee if you follow up with me I will tell you all the secrets to online success.

For that, there are two methods to take:

1: Starting Up For Free

If you do not already have many followers, finding a few will require a lot of dedication, patience, persistence, and some time. 

The good thing is that you can start your own online business with no audience at no cost by starting with a blog, creating YouTube video clips, or using social media.

If you want to know how does blogging benefits your business. Here is 10 Benefits of Blogging For Business

Starting Your Own Online Business With Zero Audience 1: Starting up for free
How To Start Your Business Online With No Audience: Best Way 9

2: Paying to generate traffic

There are many options available here. Paying websites include Instagram, Facebook, Quora, YouTube, and many more. 

Using the websites mentioned above, you can promote your products and services using paid advertisements.

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Starting Your Own Online Business With Zero Audience 2: Paying to generate traffic
How To Start Your Business Online With No Audience: Best Way 10

Starting a Business Before The Internet

Imagine moving back into the 1950s (before the advent of technology like the internet) after you’ve worked a real job until old age. 

In a rush to have financial independence, If you decide to start your own business that will offer a range of the best products available on the market.

Starting a business before the internet:
How To Start Your Business Online With No Audience: Best Way 11

After you’ve established the foundations of your venture – and laid everything down to the most precise detail – you’re ready to start selling to the maximum number of people. 

After a month, you see that you’re not making as many sales as you thought (that is strange because you’re selling top-tier products). 

A month later, you see increasing numbers of people purchasing from you, making your profits rise, but only just a little.

Let’s suppose you’ve saved a large amount of money at your last job. It will keep your business running even if you make an operating loss. 

Your goal is to make your business survive until enough customers sustain it. One year ago, your business wasn’t making any revenue, but you’re getting even more disappointed passing every day. 

You’re considering closing your business and reaching out to your former employers to request that they accept you back.

What was wrong here?

It was the ideal product with the perfect setup and perfect place, but nobody to buy your product.

The point is that you are only relying on your product to be sold by itself.

One way to ensure that you can sell the products would’ve included investing in advertisements. 

Assuming we were in 1950 would have lost our business, you have to pay for ads in newspapers or television commercials to promote your Business.

How To Start Your Business Online With No Audience

Now, looking forward, you see it’s 2022.

It isn’t a problem if you provide services or sell physical products on the internet. But It is essential to have websites to sell your products, especially, if you are promoting your Fiverr gigs as a freelancer.

The consumer market is changing to satisfy the requirements of the most advanced technology. 

If you have your own business, then adjusting to the new digital world is necessary. If you are a newbie in digital marketing take a look at this article Digital Marketing for Beginners in 2022.

Starting a business in 2022
How To Start Your Business Online With No Audience: Best Way 12

By 2021 the number of customers searching online for companies had increased to 97%, up from 59% in 2011. 

For clarity, if you plan to market your product, you must be visible online, and it would help if you had websites.

Contrary to the past, beginning a business today is simpler than ever before, requiring less investment. 

Moving from physical shops to online stores comes with an advantage. The likelihood of your products getting found is higher than ever before.

However, there’s a significant disadvantage that everybody faces. 

There are websites for everything, and the number of websites already dominating a niche and selling products and services is tremendous.

This is why finding customers to who you will be willing to promote an item is when the work starts.

As I said previously, to promote your products, you need to decide whether to pay for advertising or market your product yourself. 

Of course, you can do both simultaneously, but we will now look at the specifics of each method.

Growing your own audience from scratch

Social media is much more than entertainment, Yeah it is true. 

Nowadays, you can use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms on social media to share more than just cute cat videos and memes.

These are some platforms you can use to improve your online business:

1. Facebook 

Facebook allows you to promote your services by creating a page or group on Facebook. 

You can create an account on Facebook where you can promote your products. Once you have set up and started running, add other interested people to your posts. 

Keep your page updated regularly and be consistent; consistency is crucial! 

Create a network of people who are like-minded, join groups that are similar to your own, and then gradually establish a social media community.

2. Twitter 

Twitter is among the platforms on social media used to build a person as an influential thought leader. 

On Twitter, you can talk about topics related to the services you offer.

Offer your expertise, share suggestions, and address frequently asked queries about problems you’d like to solve through your service.

These are some of the programs you can use to improve your product:
How To Start Your Business Online With No Audience: Best Way 13

3. Instagram 

Instagram is among the most well-known social media platforms to increase branding recognition. 

It lets you share images and videos to reach out to more people. Indeed, Instagram doesn’t only work for driving traffic to your site. 

In general, you can only add one link to your bio section in your profile.

Instagram is a great platform to follow people similar to you, connect with them, and grow your number of followers.

4. Linkedin 

Linkedin is one of the social media channels that are perfect for B2B (product exchange between business to business). 

Businesses and individuals create Linkedin profiles to gain brand awareness. But, here you check out How To Use LinkedIn For Business Development.

Create your profile and fill it with content that people will quickly discover through Linkedin search results.

5. YouTube 

Youtube channel! Create videos on which you promote your content, whether indirectly or directly. 

You can create YouTube tutorials to help others start businesses like yours. Therefore, enter the YouTube community of users who post related content. 

Learn from more successful people than you and assist other people in starting a business like you. At the same time, use this strategy To Grow Your YouTube Channel in 30 Days.

First, Create a Blog!

Seriously, go now and create a blog! Don’t you know how to begin? Do not worry. 

I have listed everything below, both paid and free solutions that quickly let you make a web page.

Please go through them and pick one that suits your style and conditions.

First, start a blog!
How To Start Your Business Online With No Audience: Best Way 14

Remember: to start your own Business online wouldn’t require you to promote your product on social sites in some way (i.e., blog and social media, etc) at the beginning.

So I would advise you to take this initial step before creating or enhancing the online visibility of your Business.

Free Website Builders 

Blogger, WordPress, Weebly, Wix, etc.

Hosting with Free Trials and Paid Services

Bluehost, Cloudways, DigitalOcean, Hostinger, etc. 

You can see that many platforms offer free services to get started. If you use any of these services, you can create the blog of your choice and modify it to suit your needs (how you can customize it will depend on which website you choose).

I’m not able to emphasize enough anymore how crucial is to create a blog.

By using blogs, you could create something similar to newspaper columns that were previously available. 

You can write content related to the services you provide and add hyperlinks to your products through your blog.

Additionally, you can add an opt-in form for readers to sign up to your e-mail list on the website. 

In this way, you’ll have an ever-growing list of subscribers to whom you can send out e-mails to promote your blog’s content.


Always connect your social media accounts. This is vital when beginning your online business. 

For instance, you could use your Facebook page as a reference directly to the Instagram page and the same with Instagram.

Additionally, you can share your YouTube videos on your Facebook page or groups and blog. 

Also, create a YouTube video that provides step-by-step instructions to create blog posts and add your blog link in the description. 

The point is clear, and you can extend your reach to all platforms and increase your reach on all of them.

Secondly, you can pay to generate traffic

You can use each of the platforms listed above and other not mentioned media to advertise your website differently based on your set budget.

You can use YouTube advertisements, Facebook advertisements, Instagram advertisements, and more.

Finally, search engine optimization (SEO)

SEO is the method to improve both the quantity and quality of visitors coming to your site from search engines.

SEO is a method of focusing on organic, natural traffic, not targeted and paid-for traffic. Organic traffic can come from image searches, news searches, and video searches.

Finally, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
How To Start Your Business Online With No Audience: Best Way 15

SEO is a digital marketing strategy that examines how search engines operate using computer-generated algorithms that determine the patterns of search engines.

The things people search for, the terms or keywords entered into search engines and the search engines that are the most popular for their target audience.

A few SEO Tools you can think about using: SEMrush and Keywords everywhere.

Final Words

Thinking about how to start your business online with no audience has never been easy. Regardless of whether you decide to offer products or tools that are digital or physical on-demand through drop-shipping or other methods. 

But, the launch of your website is just the beginning and most straightforward step in creating a new business.

The most challenging part is to get visitors to your site.

Traffic to your website is possible at no cost using Q&A and social media platforms along with B2B websites. But still, you need to know the Content Distribution Strategy. Or you can accomplish it via paid ads on mentioned platforms.

Thanks for reading! Have an eye out for coming similar articles. Don’t forget to follow me on social media. I’ll be waiting for your comment below! 

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