You want to be a great internet marketer, but you’re not sure if Grammarly is the right tool for you. 

However, you might be thinking, “Do I really need Grammarly?” The answer is YES.

Here’s why

Not only does Grammarly make your writing look great, but it also helps you become a better digital marketer. 

With Grammarly, you can improve your website’s SEO, create more persuasive content, and even write emails that get results.

So, this Grammarly Review 2022 will assist you in determining if it’s worthwhile to invest in your marketing movements.

Further, we will provide you with all the fantastic features that are essential for digital marketing.

It can also answer the simple question: What should content marketers do with Grammarly?

But, before this, I’ll present to you What Grammarly is now.

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is a fantastic cloud-based writing tool that can help you check grammar, engagement, spelling, and delivery issues within your written content. It utilizes artificial intelligence to spot and correct errors for you. 

What is Grammarly?
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The software is built upon the freemium model of Business, which means you are able to use its Premium and free versions.

The thing I like most about Grammarly is, that it can learn your style of writing and offers editing suggestions based on your type.

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Grammarly Chrome Extension

Grammarly’s Chrome extension lets you get the benefit of the AI across a variety of media, including social media, email, WordPress as well as others.

After that, you have to visit and click”Add to Chrome” to add the Grammarly extension to the Chrome browser.

Grammarly Chrome Extension
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In the next step, you’ll be able to notice a Grammarly icon appearing on various platforms. You can click it to switch off or turn it on.

It can help you edit your content while you write. It saves you lots of time, without question, and you don’t have to go out of your writing area to proofread your work.

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Grammarly Plans

Grammarly provides three plans. The free plan can help users with writing tips for beginners. Premium gives you clarity enhancements, and Business provides the ability to use Grammarly for your entire team.

Grammarly Plans
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Let’s talk about the Premium as well as the free version in more detail.

Free Plan

A free edition of Grammarly is sufficient for newbie digital marketers. So, use it if you require an assessment of punctuation, spelling, and basic grammar.

Grammarly Free Plan
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It also provides ideas to simplify your content to improve comprehension. Grammarly’s free version is powerful enough to fix most of your mistakes in content.

It also can detect the quality of your written work. This free version is intended for those who are getting started. 

Premium Plan

The premium plan contains everything available in the free plan. You can also check spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes, and punctuation.

But there’s more, and Grammarly Premium enables you to rewrite your sentences for better delivery and clarity.

Grammarly’s paid edition is much stronger than the free version. Furthermore, It alters quality, tone, and formality levels accordingly.

Grammarly Premium Plan
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It also detects plagiarism, which is helpful for digital marketers. Therefore, the program allows you to select the words of choice to adjust your content.

Let’s look at some premium features:

  • Spelling and Grammar Check
  • Consistency in punctuation and spelling
  • Fluent content
  • Consistent design
  • Conciseness
  • Useful vocabulary
  • Sentences rewriting
  • Content Alteration
  • Levels of formality
  • Inclusive language suggestions
  • Confidence and consistency in writing

Grammarly Premium costs $12 per month, which is worth the cost. So, Let’s discuss the business version of Grammarly now.  

Business Plan

Grammarly’s business version is specifically designed for digital marketing experts. Why? Because it includes all of the Premium functions, as well as boosted capabilities for marketers of online businesses and founders.

Grammarly Business Plan
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These features include:

  • Style Guides
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Snippets
  • Priority Support
  • Brand Tones
  • Permissions and Account Roles 

And many More. 

It is possible to add 3 to 149 users to your Grammarly Business account, and members of your team are able to use it effortlessly.

The cost for Business accounts is $12.5 per user per month. This means that if you have 5 members, you’ll be paying $62.5 each month.

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Grammarly Review 2022

Many freelancers, students at universities as well as corporations make use of Grammarly to proofread their writing. Digital marketers also utilize Grammarly to ensure that the content is reader-friendly, grammatically correct and non plagiarism.

For instance, one of my writers made an error in the words “Sign Up, and he misspelt it ‘Sing Up.’ You should know how important a Sign-Up button is; if you’re a digital marketer.

Grammarly Review 2022 for Digital Marketers
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I wouldn’t have noticed the mistake in the event that I didn’t use Grammarly. The program doesn’t take too long to alert you how many errors your content has. It can keep you a major amount of both time and cash.

With Grammarly, you can be sure that the content you send to you or written by you is perfect and has virtually no errors.

Grammarly helped hundreds of content marketers to show their work and surpass their rivals. Along with many features that I’ve previously discussed in the ‘Plans, Let me share some marketing tips using Grammarly.

1: Take a Look at Grammarly’s Blog

Grammarly’s blog is a great source of the best content available to enhance your marketing strategies for content without a doubt. The editors are always seeking help.

For instance, a page of Grammarly will appear when you search for “weather” or whether it is good or not on Google.

Grammarly Blog
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The Staff Picks is designed specifically for helping you become an online marketer to be more thorough. It’s got everything from general lifestyle information to writing tips to business information.

Let me share content that has recently been my favourite as a digital marketer. This post is extremely beneficial for content marketing professionals who wish to be working in public areas.

The article offers fantastic advice, such as to bring headphones and not move furniture in a way that is unreasonable.’ If you select the section ‘Writing’ at the top of the bar, you’ll find

  • Inspiration
  • Writing Suggestions
  • Trends
  • Grammar

What else do you need as an online marketing professional? The Grammarly blog’s sections are the perfect resource for digital marketers just like you.

It is possible to go through this blog even though you do not make use of Grammarly in any way. But, it would be helpful to have Grammarly at all.

2: Content Cluster Strategy Benefit

As a professional in digital marketing, You are constantly looking for ways to grow in traffic. However, you must ensure that everything is with a solid foundation.

That’s why you design amazing content clusters and link them with ease. The positive side is that Grammarly assists you in that.

3: Build Your Brand Image Seamlessly

Grammarly’s browser extension for free lets to edit pitching messages, and posts on social media, too. It is also suitable with WordPress, Linked In, and Gmail.

Grammarly - Build Your Brand Image Seamlessly
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So as a digital marketer, you should make sure you’re quick and accurate as well. Grammarly will enable you correct thousands of errors. It also analyzes your writing style and tone.

Grammarly makes sure you remain true to your brand image when you want to compose something next time.

4: Enhance Your Content Quality to Boost ROI in Marketing

With Grammarly, it is possible to correct any mistakes, broaden your vocabulary and create more readable articles. It also helps you create unique content each time by scanning more than 9 billion websites worldwide.

Grammarly - Enhance Your Content Quality to Boost ROI in Marketing
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You already know how vital is Grammarly, If you’re a digital marketer. You produce and manage digital content every day.

If your content is solid enough, you’ll be able to rock it to the max. Grammarly makes it easy to automate the improvement of your material in order to increase the ROI of your marketing.


In the end, Grammarly does its job to enhance your writing, and all digital marketers should use it. As there’s no reason not to use Grammarly as an online tool for marketing.

As a digital marketing professional, everything you do in marketing relies on the quality of your content.

If it’s good enough and is in line with the vision of your company, then you’re ready to rock the show. Use the free version, and then change to Grammarly Premium when you require it.

If you are confused about which one to choose Grammarly or Ginger check out my comparison between Ginger VS Grammarly.

Though even if it needs to be improved in specific areas, it’s worthwhile to try it for just 12$ a month. I hope this Grammarly review 2022 was helpful.

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