Picking the rights email marketing tool to grow your business is not an easy task.

And since you came across these two powerful marketing tools GetResponse vs Sendinblue you may be confused about which one to choose?

Definitely, you know the importance of email in business and want to find the best email marketing tools, email autoresponders or landing page builders to boost your online sales.

But, to know which one suits your business the most, let’s consider their features, benefits, and pricing.

SendinBlue vs GetResponse: Bottom Line Upfront

Mostly, I lean toward Sendinblue which is the most user-friendly and cost-effective tool with a free trial.

But, if you do webinar marketing and customer survey with fine-tuned data analytics GetResponse is the best option to choose.

But, to decide between Sendinblue vs GetResponse, I would say each email marketing tool has its own feathers and benefits.

In other words, let’s say

  • If you have a big contact list and send fewer emails per month Sendinblue is the best tool to go with, Because it allows you to keep unlimited contacts.
  • But, If you have a small contact list and want to send unlimited emails per month GetResponse is a great tool to pick, As it allows you to send unlimited emails.

GetResponse vs SendinBlue: Overview

Let’s start with an overview of these email marketing tools and how they can help in the growth of your business.

Both GetResponse and Sendinblue are email marketing tool kits with multichannel features that simplify the methods of communication with your customers. 


Basically, SendinBlue was designed to be an affordable solution to email marketing. But since then, it has evolved diversly into something more.

Nowadays, Sendinblue offers everything from SMS marketing to landing page creation. As well as, the service includes basic CRM functionality so that marketers can track how they connect with their marketing campaigns.

Picture Credit: Sendinblue.com


GetResponse provides a set of email marketing solutions that helps you move customers through the conversion funnel. Meanwhile, it offers webinar marketing services as well. 

Sendinblue was founded in 2007 while GetResponse launched in 1998 and has been around for a longer time in this field.

But, Sendinblue can offer a pay-as-you-go option, while GetResponse strictly requires a monthly payment.

Additionally, Sendinblue is known for its support for transactional email through SMTP technology. However, GetResponse stands apart for its sales funnel and Autoresponder. 

Picture Credit: GetResponse.com

GetResponse vs SendinBlue: Features

Sendinblue and GetResponse both deliver email marketing functionalities, from basic email marketing campaigns to list management and marketing automation. 

However, their 360° marketing kits give the accessibility to individual marketers and companies to build sales funnels & sign-up forms, run paid ads, and engage with their customers.


Sendinblue, apart from basic email marketing, provides SMS marketing and chat support for companies to help their customers on the web. As well as it gives you CRM functionality with marketing automation


In contrast to Sendinblue, GetResponse is another simple-yet powerful email marketing tool that offers the functionality from conversion funnels to website builders and webinar hosting.

However, GetResponse lacks in providing some of these functionalities in their core plan, such as: SMS Marketing and Transactional Emails. But, it can be acquired by paid-add on the Max package. 

Meanwhile, Sendinblue always stood upfront in the market, and in contrast to GetResponse, they offer low pricing with a free trial.

As well as, SMS Marketing and Transactional Emails are included in all of their plans.

GetResponse vs SendinBlue: Features Table

1- Email Marketing✔️ YES✔️ YES
2- SMS Marketing❌ NO✔️ YES
3- A/B Split Testing✔️ YES✔️ YES
4- Subscription Form✔️ YES✔️ YES
5- Real-Time Analytics✔️ YES✔️ YES
6- Webinar✔️ YES❌ NO
7- Email Editor✔️ YES✔️ YES
8- Landing Pages✔️ YES✔️ YES
9- Email Templates✔️ YES✔️ YES
10- AutoResponder✔️ YES❌ NO
11- Marketing Automation✔️ YES✔️ YES
12- Transactional Emails✔️ YES✔️ YES
13- Facebook Ads✔️ YES✔️ YES
14- Google & Instagram Ads✔️ YES❌ NO
15- Live Chat / Email Support✔️ YES✔️ YES
16- Phone Support❌ NO✔️ YES
17- Survey & Polls✔️ YES❌ NO
18- Segmentation✔️ YES✔️ YES
19- Personalized Emails✔️ YES✔️ YES
20- Image Library✔️ YES✔️ YES

GetResponse vs SendinBlue: Benefits

The major question that comes to your mind is, What are the benefits of using Sendinblue or GetRespone? Or either you may think about what benefits you can get out of them?

The answer is simple, what exactly do you need or want from these email marketing tools? 

However, from the features discussed above and knowing your business requirements, you can clearly decide which one benefits and suits you the most.

But here, we will explain their most-used features with benefits to clear your confusion.


Besides basic email marketing, Sendinblue is mostly famous for Five features.

ChatYou can establish live chat support and be there, whenever your customers need you.
CRMKeep track of your customers and build a strong relationship.
SMS MarketingYou will be able to send time-sensitive and urgent messages directly to your customers.
Marketing AutomationWith marketing automation, you can save time, maximize revenues and boost your performance.
Transactional EmailBuild your brand design with reliable deliverability by setting up transactional emails.


Apart from the basic email marketing solution, GetResponse is also popular for its Five Features.

Website BuilderCreate and customize mobile-friendly website templates using an AI-powered creator.
WebinarsYou can get live anytime and anywhere in front of your audience, create polls and surveys, and on-demand webinars with a screen sharing feature.
Paid AdsManage and run paid ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and Google.
Conversion FunnelYou can create Sales & Lead magnet funnels as well as use prebuilt funnels for automated campaigns.
Landing PagesSet up and build SEO-optimized landing pages, Popups and Signup forms with one-click integration for retargeting campaigns.

GetResponse vs SendinBlue: Pricing

Whether it is an individual or a company, finance management is crucial for budget optimization. Therefore, the same goes for email marketing tools when it comes to pricing and expenditure. 

Between GetResponse vs Sendinblue, both email marketing tools come with a startup to enterprise-level plans and pricing, But choosing the affordable one depends on the functionalities and features you want to use.

GetResponse Pricing

As mentioned above, GetResponse can compete with any email marketing tool regarding features and functionalities. But it is strict in plans and pricing and doesn’t offer free accounts. 

GetResponse comes with a basic free trial plan which gives you 30 days of access to opt into their premium plan. However, It offers different plans for “individuals” and “companies”

The Everyone Plans comes with three plans, Basic, Plus, and Professional.

BasicIt starts at $19 per month and $15.58 per annum.
PlusIt starts at $59 per month and $48.38 per annum.
ProfessionalIt starts at $119 per month and $97.58 per annum.

The Mid & Large Companies Plans” come with two types of plans MAX and MAX2. There is no upfront pricing in these plans, so you have to contact them to get a quote.

SendinBlue Pricing

Sendinblue is an all-in-one marketing tool. Besides its exclusive features, it offers free accounts & trials.

In contrast to GetRespnse, it also has a pay-as-you-go option that makes it outstanding in the competition.

Sendinblue comes with three plans Lite, Premium, and Enterprise.

LiteIt starts at $25 per month.
PremiumIt starts at $65 per month.
EnterpriseContact them to get a quote.

GetResponse vs SendinBlue: Ultimate Conclusion

To sum up everything, We say both are the winners in their own ways for their best features. However, Sendinblue and GetResponse try their best to provide whatever their customers need. 

So based on what features you want to use for your business growth, will decide which one is the right and the best email marketing tool.

But, to make it simple for you to pick one, 

We recommend going with Sendinblue as it is Easy-To-Use and has many guides with screenshots. It also provides a Pay-As-You-Go option with unlimited contacts. Sendinblue has live chat support as well.

Whereas, GetResponse is a feature-rich email marketing tool that gives 30 days trial with unlimited email. It provides fine-tuned high-level analytics, and it is more for advanced marketers and mid-sized companies but has more features than Sendinblue.

Now it is on to you. Between Sendinblue vs GetResponse pick the one that makes your business grow.

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