Every campaign requires some pro email marketing skills that every email marketer need to succeed. It is one of the most influential and robust forms of digital marketing. Email marketers need to be decisive to take a concept to its conclusion.

An Email marketer must possess certain skills to be a leader and create successful campaigns repeatedly. However, I will provide insight into 11 essential email marketing skills that every email marketer need to succeed.

11 Email Marketing Skills You Need To Succeed

1. Strategy

A digital marketing campaign is only successful if it has a solid strategy. However, Email Marketers are often getting down by their inability or unwillingness to strategize.

Email marketing skills is not like social media, and it doesn’t have an established strategy and every email marketer should decide on only one. 

11 Email Marketing Skills That You Need To Succeed 2022

Meanwhile, they must lay the foundation and identify how the campaign will fit their marketing objectives.

After the overall strategy is established. So the next task is to create a tactical plan and organize ongoing campaigns that match the marketing calendar.

2. Deliverability

Although you may have set your goals in each email campaign. But it won’t help if they are not delivered and you don’t have enough email marketing skills to do it.

Tips: Validate your email lists before every email campaign.

Many factors can prevent an email from delivering to its destination. So, these are the email marketers that have to increase an email’s chances to reach its targeted recipient.

11 Email Marketing Skills That You Need To Succeed 2022

They may get affected by the following factors:

  • Spam Score
  • High Bounce Rate
  • Content Quality
  • Email Campaigns in Bulk
  • The ISP
  • Throttling
  • Mail Transfer Agent (MTA)

But, by the way, there are also ways that you can do to enhance your deliverability:

  • Do Not Spam
  • Set Up Expectations For Email Subscribers
  • Use Double Opt-In
  • Delete Inactive Subscribers

Most importantly, the above information could help an email marketer achieve a deliverability rate greater than 99.5%.

3. Social Platform Integration

Social media’s power seems to have no limits in digital marketing.

Undoubtedly, social media can drive traffic to e-commerce stores through Facebook likes as well as allow people to sign up for your email newsletter.

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11 Email Marketing Skills That You Need To Succeed 2022

For Example,

To encourage new subscribers to your Facebook page, you can add a call to action button or sidebar to enable them to subscribe. 

However, you can also invite your Instagram followers to sign up through storytelling. Meanwhile, Snapchat is one of the most popular platforms for digital marketers. Therefore, you must integrate it into your email campaigns.

You can use the 24/7 handy video to give a sneak peek at your unique emails via Snapchat story as well as encourage more people to subscribe.

4. Personalization

The job of an email marketer is to grab the subscriber’s attention. However, you will likely find many non-personalized emails in your email inbox that offer no value.

It is important to tailor the message to each subscriber to feel encouraged to open the email to find out more.

11 Email Marketing Skills That You Need To Succeed 2022

For instance,

Writing “Hi (The Name of the Person), I have a great deal” is better than “Hey Look at our new business offer.”

Meanwhile, you will have a greater chance of getting them to open the email and their attention.

5. Engage with your subscriber

The more loyal your subscribers are, the more likely they will buy from you. So, every email marketer’s goal must be to establish a successful engagement with their subscribers.

Pro Tip: Engaging with your email subscriber will also keep your email account warm-up.

Meanwhile, the way to accomplish this is to give subscribers more than they expect, especially in the first 1 to 3 weeks they subscribe.

The way you want to build a relationship should be rewarding for the readers as well as allow them to trust your products or services.

11 Email Marketing Skills That You Need To Succeed 2022

Each email subscribers certainly love to feel like they’re VIP people. So to give them this feeling, you have to comply with the following factors:  

  • Send Them High-Quality Content
  • Offer Some Rewards For Your Subscriber
  • Send Out An Email Announcement Before Publication
  • Provide Special Offers To Them

Subscribers who know that they will get something different than others will be more likely to click the email and see what it contains.

6. Open Rate

Recently, if you’ve ever sent an email message to a group of people that you have on your contact list, you’ve probably engaged in “open rate” watching behaviour.

Within two minutes of hitting “go” on my email campaign, I begin refreshing my internet browser so that I can see the open rate statistics come into. 

11 Email Marketing Skills That You Need To Succeed 2022

I’m sure that I’m not the only one since everyone has been through it, isn’t it? The open rate for emails is not only your subject line, but it’s vital in every email campaign.

So, It is based on various factors:

  • “From” Name
  • Your content
  • Sending Schedule
  • Email List Quality
  • Preview Text

7. Data Management

It may also be possible to throw your email marketing campaign into the garbage if you don’t have control over your data.

Since, with every industry accessing big data, it’s more vital than ever before to use quality information not only to increase their click-through rate but also to increase their number of clients.

11 Email Marketing Skills That You Need To Succeed 2022

An email marketer is accountable for managing data, taking care of the email subscriber lists as well as cleaning the database of non-subscribers, and eliminating redundant entries.

Furthermore, the email marketer must present detailed performance reports that include open rates and click-through rates in addition to identifying any marketing issues that are not in line with the rules and new trends.  

8. Keep Attention to Details

Content marketing forms the pillar of any type of marketing campaign. Whether email marketers work with a copywriter team or write their own content. 

They must eliminate any typos and punctuation mistakes before sending out an email campaign. As well as the voice of the brand must be preserved.  

11 Email Marketing Skills That You Need To Succeed 2022

Before the email is sent out, the email marketer should go over the email’s copy using the fine-tooth comb, looking for any errors that could impact the quality of the email as well as the conversion rate.

A poor-quality copy could signify a poor email marketer or company to a potential customer, therefore, don’t give the subscriber any reason to press the Unsubscribe link.

9. Email Graphic Design

An email marketing campaign can’t run without a professional visual design. The customers have become accustomed to seeing visually appealing marketing. 

If your email doesn’t meet that standard or if you can’t match the middle of your competition’s marketing, then they won’t believe in your service.

11 Email Marketing Skills That You Need To Succeed 2022

Therefore, the email marketer must design appealing templates for an email campaign. So the design will be in line with the business’s brand.  

The templates will guarantee that messages are in the same style across different email recipients. Meanwhile, the company can also easily modify the template for each campaign.

10. Email marketing Automation

The use of email marketing automation is overgrowing as it’s no longer just a trend or a choice. But it’s a must in any marketing plan that involves email.

However, this is why automated emails are prompt customized and relevant to the person reading them.

As well as it boosts click and open rates and positively impacts the level of engagement among subscribers. 

11 Email Marketing Skills That You Need To Succeed 2022

Therefore, the result will give more profit for your company. At the same time, most Email Service Providers today offer automation capabilities. Further, if you want to read more about the best email marketing services for automation check out the article Here

Therefore, you can purchase sophisticated software that can create developed workflows. Whatever tool you’re using, you have to be able to create simple email workflows to get triggered in many different ways:  

  • When you add a subscriber to the list,
  • Link clicks inside an email,
  • Page view on your blog,
  • Ads clicks,
  • To becomes a qualified lead,
  • To download your lead magnets (freebies) and much more.

11. Email Attribution

Attribution is among the most technologically advanced areas of digital marketing. A professional email marketer always wants to know the exact ROI of each strategy they employ. 

If you understand the impact of your marketing strategies on the overall goal, then you can better formulate a strategy for the future and plan your budget.

While email marketing is easily identifiable, but email attribution isn’t an exact line. In many organizations, an A-to-B-to C-lined email engagement is becoming rare.

11 Email Marketing Skills That You Need To Succeed 2022

Today, client behaviour much looks like this:

A person hears an advertisement on a podcast and then searches on Google for the business. They’re not yet ready to buy, but they subscribe to the newsletter.

Meanwhile, they receive an email message from the company in the future. However, they may forward it to a colleague who may be interested in the product. 

Subsequently, the colleague may walk down the street, and she spots the product displayed in a window. So, she recalls the email and then goes to the shop to buy.

Now, It’s difficult to attribute this sale to a specific incident. Because the reality is that it could get more confusing in the coming years.

Therefore, email marketers need to think about attribution to make the best decisions as they study reports and formulate strategies.

Conclusion: Email Marketing Skills You Need To Succeed

The success of any email marketing campaign is in the hands of email markers. Since email marketing is a popular channel with an average conversion rate of 15.22%, according to the email conversion statistics in 2021.

So, it is vital to have these email marketing skills and be equipped with the competencies mentioned above to increase revenues, customer engagement, trust as well as brand recognition, and increase business growth.

Furthermore, email marketers should not keep their eyes off the latest digital marketing trends to create an endless email marketing campaign that generates results.