You may wonder what digital marketing is and how it can help your business. 

Well, there’s a lot of confusion around digital marketing, and many people don’t realize the potential benefits for their business.

Digital marketing is a popular buzzword, and it’s nothing new at all. 

In 1896, the first public communication of wireless signals was made through radio, so digital marketing has existed since then. 

However, it differs from traditional marketing due to its use in wireless communications. But, there are still numerous misconceptions regarding digital marketing.

For example,

Some people believe that digital marketing and online marketings are one and the same, but this doesn’t seem right.

Online marketing is limited to internet connectivity, whereas digital marketing involves the transfer of digital signals as well. That means televisions, billboards, and radios are all media used in digital marketing.

Did you know this?

So, this digital marketing basics for beginners is an ultimate guide that you will learn everything you need about digital marketing, including the basics, strategies, categories, and more.

Let’s get into it. 

What is Digital Marketing? 

It has been old since radio was established. Digital marketing is a method where you use digital signals to interact with your clients, visitors, or even readers. As time passes, digital marketing has advanced significantly, particularly in the last few years.

“Digital marketing” is a form of marketing that is conducted through the use of electronic or digital devices, such as radio, television, web, search engines, social media and many more.” 

What is Digital Marketing? 
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Today’s digital marketing is a wide variety of channels. Many sites, apps, and digital services are rolling out each day. According to a research by Google, 48% of users begin with search engines when they are searching for information.

It is one of the channels used in digital marketing. For example, from social media to email marketing and between PPC and radio, there are plenty of options to market your business or site digitally.

Let’s discover why your business has to invest money in digital marketing.

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Why Digital Marketing?

Every business around the globe requires more leads, sales, and profits. So, they must take on new ways of marketing to achieve it.

Digital marketing is a long-standing practice, but there weren’t many channels before today. Things have changed, and the business world has also changed.

Why Digital Marketing?
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Google and other social media websites like Facebook or Instagram generate more revenues than other traditional media organizations. Why? That’s because they draw more attention, which is why digital marketing is important. 

Well, it is critical to know some more things. But don’t worry I will explain Digital Marketing basics for Beginners here in an easy way.

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Your Readers and Customers are Online

There are more than 4.66 billion users online at present. That is 59.5% of the entire world’s population, and the number of users is rising rapidly. You’ll be seeing 319 million users added to the platform prior to the end of the year. Then imagine the power of promoting your product to these people.

Digital Marketing is much more bffordable with better ROI

Digital marketing is now becoming a significant part of online marketing. The cost of advertising online is much less expensive than broadcasting a TV commercial.

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Digital Marketing is Much Affordable with Better ROI
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For example, a major television channel could cost $100,000 to broadcast an advertisement of 30 seconds. But making content and sharing it on social media might cost you some dollars, but it’s not too expensive.

Digital marketing means that your business can run immediately. Therefore investing in Digital marketing will generate more than traditional marketing.

Your Competitors are already doing at

From Gucci to McDonald’s or an independent business to an affiliate site, every business uses digital marketing to promote its products. 

Your competitors are into it, despite your niche or business. So, that’s an excellent reason to be successful in the game of digital marketing.

But how do you break it down? Most importantly you have to know the critical areas of digital marketing to do this. 

Let’s get started!

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Breakdown of Digital Marketing: 9 Major Catagories

Digital marketing basics for beginners are possible only if you are able to divide them into categories. Let me help you. 

Digital marketing has 9 major categories:

  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  2. Content Marketing
  3. Email Marketing
  4. SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
  5. Social Media Marketing
  6. PPC Advertising
  7. TV & Radio Marketing
  8. Electronic Billboards
  9. Mobile Marketing

You can see that digital marketing is not the only channel to focus on. Many media methods draw attention and market your services and products online.

Digital Marketing Basics For Beginners

As a digital marketer in the digital world, you have to focus on the exact niche, not digital marketing in general. Does this make sense? Let’s begin now.

1: SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

After realizing how effective content marketing can be, you have to make it SEO-friendly for Google or any other search engine. I like this kind of digital marketing since it generates organic traffic.

It is also more reliable than other types of digital marketing. Therefore SEO is about best practices to get ranked in search results like Bing or Google.

It is probably that your site is able to rank for a specific search term or phrase to meet your goals for the business. SEO is not quick, it takes time to reap the rewards, But it’s worth the effort.

1: SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Digital Marketing Basics For Beginners - In 9 Catagories 16

What You Need to Do

1. Find out what your potential target customers are searching for.

2. Do your keyword research, and then choose the most appropriate keywords

3. Create high-quality content based on your keywords for your target audience 

4. Continue to assist your visitors or your consumers by providing them with useful content

5. Intensify efforts to attract authoritative links or mentions to your business assets

SEO is a continuous and ongoing process. It isn’t a set of guidelines or a single-shot strategy. Be consistent and invest wisely, and have a lesser expectations in return.

2: Content Marketing

Marketing through content is the only marketing method that has been around and will exist forever. From social media marketing to email marketing, as well as from electronic billboards to on-page SEO, the concept of content marketing is spread throughout every marketing endeavour.

Every marketing initiative begins with high-quality content.

Let me tell you a myth: Content marketing isn’t only about videos, blogs, or tweets. So it’s all about content. Even printed flyers get benefit from the potential of content. It’s effective because it can tell stories, and we all like stories.

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2: Content Marketing
Digital Marketing Basics For Beginners - In 9 Catagories 17

Quora is among my top platforms based on the content that users create. This means that your viewers are there.

Affiliate marketing can also be an aspect of content marketing where you promote the content in order to earn affiliate commissions. Therefore content marketing includes videos, books, podcasts, emails, white papers, and more.

There are different ways for making each of them; however, they are all based on the same process for creating content.

What You Should Do

1. Make your goals accordingly

2. Find out your own unique selling point

3. Understand your audience and know its cycle

4. Select the appropriate kind of content to suit your target audience

5. Create a content calendar in order to stay on the right track

Let me give you a pro tip If you want to keep track of your digital marketing campaigns uses URL shortening tools. But the best thing is that I provide you free URL shortening tool here on my website. Here – Linko.Me

3: Email Marketing 

The first email campaign was sent in the year 1978 and raised $13 million in revenue. Since the momentum continues to grow and the average return on investment is $42 for each dollar spent on email marketing. 

I like email marketing because it helps you build an authentic connection with your audience. Create a relationship with your customers now using email marketing.

Learn to maximize the effectiveness of email marketing by adopting an approach centred around the customer. Email marketing isn’t just about your business or you. 

3: Email Marketing 
Digital Marketing Basics For Beginners - In 9 Catagories 18

It’s about your readers or customers. However, this is how you can get started learning about email marketing before you start.

Prospecting is the first step in bringing leads to your business. It’s not only restricted to email but it can be extended to enclose all types of marketing.

What You Need to Do

1. Know your audience and define them

2. Give people a reason to sign for your newsletter (lead magnet or offer an eBook)

3. Make an attractive opt-in page

4. Opt for the correct email type for your campaign

5. Select an email marketing service to streamline your marketing efforts

Make sure that your content is the same as your brand’s voice or image. Contain a powerful call-to-action (CTA) to turn more customers into subscribers. Check the ideal timing for an opt-in form to display and then send an email. Therefore constantly personalize your message.

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4: SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

The concept of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is likewise SEO, and both focus on search engines. But there are a lot of distinctions among SEO in comparison to SEM.

Meanwhile, SEM is the practice of generating profits via paid advertisements. SEM’s purpose is to increase visibility on Search Engine Result Pages.

So, you pay for the Search engine to advertise a particular phrase. Then Your website is ranked over the organic results if someone enters that search box.

4: SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
Digital Marketing Basics For Beginners - In 9 Catagories 19

What You Should Do

1. Research for keywords

2. Estimate the bid for all relevant keywords

3. Select only the most profitable Keywords

4. Create content that is high-quality and then run ads

5. Enhance CTR using A/B split test

6. Find the right areas to promote your business

7. Review the overall performance, and strategize to maximize the ROI

Check various keywords, and repeat the process until you have mastered your ultimate profit. However (PPC) or Pay Per Click is like SEM, and you pay for both types of advertisement, typically through search engines.

5: Social Media Marketing

It means that you are promoting your business on social media like Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Since every business should be on social media nowadays.

Why? Because everyone is now on social media as well as your visitors and customers.

However, which social network you should choose is dependent on the nature of your business and goals. 

For example, if your company or you specialize in B2B business, then LinkedIn can be a good choice. Instagram or Pinterest is the best option if you are a fashion lover.

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5: Social Media Marketing
Digital Marketing Basics For Beginners - In 9 Catagories 20

And again, it depends. So, it’s helpful to test and do adequate planning before running your social media marketing.

What You Need to Do

1. Be aware of your competitors

2. Know your audiences

3. Create content that they enjoy

4. Conduct an audit of your social media and take action accordingly.

5. Interact with your audience

6: TV & Radio Marketing

There’s a chance that you’re not here to read this, but honestly, TV and radio marketing is an aspect of digital marketing. 

Additionally, a radio could refer to podcasts, while a TV could refer to online video. I’ll discuss TV and radio in this article.

I’m sure that everybody is online; however, you are able to target specific audiences by using radio and TV exclusively. 

You can also broadcast ads on TV midway through the viewers’ streaming show. Here’s how to achieve it.

6: TV & Radio Marketing
Digital Marketing Basics For Beginners - In 9 Catagories 21

What You Can Do

1. Be sure that the viewers pay attention to your advertisements

2. Understand your audience

3. Adjust your radio and TV advertisements according to the audience’s place of residence

4. Find the most cost-effective, yet affordable advertising agency

5. Customize radio and TV ads by utilizing streaming service providers

7: Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing encompasses all kinds of digital marketing that I’ve talked about here. Because All of the digital marketing is accessible on the mobile phone today, from email to social media. So ensuring that you optimize content for your clients’ mobile phones is important.

7: Mobile Marketing
Digital Marketing Basics For Beginners - In 9 Catagories 22

What You Can Do

1. Be aware of the proper size for your content

2. Keep in mind mobile phones when you stream

3. Serve mobile-responsive ads

4. Improve your newsletters, not the blog content or videos only.

5. Estimate your mobile marketing success

8: Electronic Billboards & Other Digitized Marketing 

Electronic billboards can also be considered a type of digital marketing since they are digital. There is no doubt that your eyes get caught in a captivating electronic billboard when you’re in the middle of the road.

Therefore Based on the kind of audience you’re targeting, you can perform many thrilling things to boost your earnings.

8: Electronic Billboards & Other Digitized Marketing 
Digital Marketing Basics For Beginners - In 9 Catagories 23

What You Need to Do

1. Design innovative ideas that will draw people’s attention

2. Know your audience

3. Make Use of the power of colour

4. Create powerful slogans

5. Select the ideal spot you can find

This is all, and I’ve made every effort to provide the most value in order to make you aware of digital marketing from a beginner’s perspective. 

Final Words

In this overview of digital marketing basics for beginners, you’ll realize that this guide is not limited to online marketing. Of course, nobody could afford to appeal to all channels of digital marketing. I wouldn’t recommend doing it because it is related to the people you’re targeting.

Let’s take an overview of what digital marketing means to you:

1. Create quality content and plan your marketing strategy around content

2. Concentrate on SEO, SEM, and other marketing

3. Make sure to implement social media strategies too (as mentioned above)

4. Make sure to consider mobile phones while running any marketing plan

5. Make sure you run radio and TV ads depending on your audience as well as electronic billboards.

One thing that’s common to all digital marketing categories is your customers. So I mentioned many times that you should know your target audience. Why? Because it is the only method to be successful in marketing your own business ideas.

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