The Definitive Comparison between Convertkit VS Constant Contact in Email Marketing, which without a doubt, can bring in an impressive ROI. However, it’s only possible when you do it correctly and with the best tools.

After doing your investigation, you may have identified your perfect spot. But, you’re uncertain about which side should you go to? Constant Contact or Convertkit.

The definitive comparison between Constant Contact vs Convertkit will assist you in deciding which one to choose.

Simultaneously it will help you understand the distinctions between Constant Contact vs Convertkit, along with the features and pricing.

Are you prepared for the most comprehensive comparison of Convertkit vs Constant Contact?

Let’s start right now.

Tips: Make sure to validate and warm up your email before any campaign.

Convertkit V/S Constant Contact: Major Differences

Firstly, I think the distinctions should be apparent in this comparison between Constant contact vs Convertkit. Let’s take a look!

  • ConvertKit is usually more expensive than Constant Contact.
  • Constant Contact has more efficient email delivery rates compared to ConvertKit
  • ConvertKit doesn’t provide live Chat support, whereas Constant Contact does
  • Constant Contact is not able to provide pre-built landing page templates in contrast to ConvertKit
  • In comparison with Constant Contact, ConvertKit offers additional features to automate your emails
  • ConvertKit is designed for bloggers, while Constant Contact targets small business owners

If you’d like me to get rid of all the junk and tell you of my decision right immediately, I’ll choose Convertkit.

Why? Because it provides advanced email automation with stylish templates and an easy-to-use interface. On the other hand, it focuses on digital marketers rather than small businesses like ConstantContact.

However, that doesn’t mean Constant Contact is any less valuable than Convertkit. Constant Contact has its advantages.

Meanwhile, it’s all a matter of your own personal preference and objectives. Is it still confusing? Don’t worry; I’ll tell you further about Convertkit vs Constant Contact solutions for email marketing in detail, one by one.

Constant Contact

The ConstantContact provides various marketing tools and explanations compared to Convertkit. Non-profit and small businesses can benefit from these tools to attract more customers and develop more lasting relations.

Constant Contact
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Constant Contact helps you:

  • Interact with your clients on the move  
  • Launch your email marketing campaign in a few minutes    
  • Upload items to your E-commerce store    
  • Help spread the word about you   
  • Create an amazing website effortlessly    
  • Increase your sales using Google Ads    

It’s not only an email marketing tool but also a complete solution for all your marketing and eCommerce requirements.

In comparison, Constant Contact is much larger than Convertkit, which provides email marketing services only. Therefore let’s look over the features of Constant Contact right now.

Constant Contact Features

So let’s discuss the functions of Constant Contact in detail to have a vision of what you’ll get.

Constant Contact Features
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Email Marketing 

Furthermore, Constant Contact lets you make your own campaigns professionally. However, the editor for emails is smart enough to let you personalize and create your own email templates.

Meanwhile, it is also compatible with almost all gadgets in the world.

The automation of email marketing assists you in driving sales through the introduction email, triggered email series, as well as segmentation of contacts.

Additionally, it lets you send emails to people who don’t open them. So without a doubt, it is a considerable benefit.

Ecommerce Tools

Constant Contact assists you in finding new customers and keeping them interested while on the move. On the other hand, it lets you track your emails, segment them, and even automate your emails in a seamless manner.

Social Media Marketing

Constant Contact lets you stay in connection with your clients. As well as this software assists you in social media marketing and email marketing.

Meanwhile, the software lets you schedule and publishes your social media posts. Additionally, it also assists you in making decisions based on analytics.

Social Media Marketing
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Tracking Tools

Constant Contact enables you to track your progress in real-time. However, it also lets you improve your results accordingly. What exactly do I mean by this? You can determine who’s reading the email and sharing the email as well.

Tracking Tools
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Event Management Tools

Tools for managing events aren’t available in other email marketing services. But Constant Contact allows you to make use of email marketing for events for charity, attendance, entertainment events, and much more.

However, this Eventspot feature has lots to offer to make managing your events a hassle-free manner.

Event Management Tools
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Constant Contact Pricing

In terms of price for Constant Contact, you can start for free. But the trial for free lasts up to 60 days. Therefore, this is enough to test its capabilities for yourself. So, you need to select between ‘Email’ or ‘Email Plus.’

The Email service is $20 per month, and it varies depending on the number of contacts you have.

However, you are able to send any number of emails you like and also enjoy additional benefits too. On the other hand, the ‘Email Plus’ package starts at $45 per month and increases based on the email list.

Constant Contact Pricing
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So, Let’s look at the features Convertkit provides at what cost?


Convertkit is a bit more simple than Constant Contact. Therefore, it provides a simple way for bloggers to manage their email marketing strategies. Podcasters, YouTubers, bloggers, and digital marketers select Convertkit to:

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  • Reasonable pricing
  • Forms for opt-in, built-in and double-opt-in-support
  • Tools for capturing emails that are content-friendly
  • Email sequence builder
  • Awesome landing page builder

From landing page builder to providing paid newsletters, Convertkit includes everything under one roof.

However, I would recommend going with Convertkit if you are running extremely targeted campaigns or selling digital products. But, you shouldn’t use it when you don’t have a large budget.  

Convertkit Features

So, let’s look at the key advantages Convertkit provides and how you can pick the one that suits you. But, the general consensus is that Convertkit offers easy-to-use features. However, you will need to explore HTML codes occasionally.

Convertkit Features
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Sell Digital Products 

Convertkit lets you market digital services or products effortlessly. However, It offers detailed information to identify elements that work and aren’t working.

Meanwhile, It also allows you to make use of lead magnets to help build the email lists of your subscribers.

Not only Convertkit, But Constant Contact also assists you in marketing digital services and goods. But there’s more since Convertkit can help you design selling pages that feature distinctive ‘buy now’ buttons.

As well as, It also seamlessly distributes every digital product you want to sell with only a click. So there is no need for any integration from third parties at all.

Email Marketing Features

Create personalized emails based on the demographic of your target audience to increase CTR and open rates. For instance, you can mail Content (A) to novices while sending Content (B) to an advanced audience.

Email Marketing Features
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Meanwhile, this is truly admirable. In addition, sending emails to highlight your business’s image is simple using Convertkit.

Further, you can develop email templates as well as You can also provide timed content to your customers. However, You can also make your sales funnel automated as an expert.

The Creator Pro

Convertkit is designed for content makers, such as YouTubers or bloggers. That’s why it offers Creator Pro features that help users send customized emails and gain access to using Deliverability, Dashboard for Reporting, and much more.  

The Creator Pro
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You don’t even have to design Facebook ads segments to reach specific individuals using your advertisements.

In contrast, Convertkit divides your Facebook audience into separate segments. Convertkit also allows you to modify the incorrectly added link within your emails, and that is awesome!

Let’s discuss the price of Convertkit.

Convertkit Pricing

Pricing for Convertkit includes ‘Free,’ Creator,’ and the ‘Creator Pro‘ plans. At the same time, if you have 1000 subscribers, you are able to begin without having to pay anything. However, Convertkit “Creator” plan is available for $25 per month with up to 1,000 subscribers.

Meanwhile, the “Creator Pro” begins at $50 per month, which is for 1,000 subscribers. As you can see, the price is contingent on the number of subscribers that you’ve got.

But furthermore, you can make forms, endless landing pages, and broadcasts. All plans offer the sale of digital goods, subscriptions, as well as email customer support.

Convertkit Pricing
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Convertkit V/S Constant Contact: The Ultimate Comparison 

Again, it all depends on you. But, when you consider the cost, Constant Contact wins without a doubt. Additionally, it offers more options than Convertkit.

Constant Contact assists users with surveys for customers and image libraries, in contrast to Convertkit.

However, Convertkit has beautiful email templates that can assist content creators in their growth.

You can also install Constant Contact on iOS or Android in contrast to Convertkit which is only an online application.

But, it’s possible to ask yourself why I picked Convertkit rather than Constant Contact. In reality, it’s extremely intuitive and has a simple layout.

Summary: Convertkit V/S Constant Contact

If you’re in the market for a complete online marketing solution, look to Constant Contact. Since it has more capabilities than Convertkit.

However, the cost of Convertkit could be a bit too expensive for newbies with more than 1,000 emails.

But, almost all of the bloggers use Convertkit as it has a simple-to-use interface.

What do you think about the comparison between Convertkit vs Constant Contact which one is better? Tell me in the comment section.

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