You’ve put in the hard work of writing high-quality and valuable content, but you’re not getting the desired results, Right? 

Or, maybe you worked hard to publish your content, but it’s a shame for it to go to waste.

Actually, your content will likely fall on Deaf Ears without a solid content distribution strategy.

So, a well-planned content distribution strategy will get your content in front of the right people at the right time. 

By following the steps in this guide, you’ll be able to find the perfect solution and see the actual results from your valuable content.

Does that sound good?

Then Let’s begin by learning the basics.

The Ultimate Guide to Content Distribution Strategy

In this digital and online world, where nearly every person has a smartphone and can make content, it is challenging to make yours on the top.

Trust me when I say that creating high-quality content is not even going to matter in the event that no one is reading them.

A study found that 42% of marketing professionals found it much more complex to get leads from online content. Why is this?

The Ultimate Guide to Content Distribution Strategy

Because the majority of businesses concentrate solely on producing great content and not much on distribution. 

If you don’t have readers for your blog, certainly you’re feeling demotivated and this is why having a content distribution strategy for the business you started is essential!

Then, What is content distribution? Let’s discover it.

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What is Content Distribution?

Content distribution further makes your contents reach the relevant audience’s ears, hands, and eyes. 

consequently, It involves sharing, promoting and publishing your content across every relevant platform on the internet.

You have to share, promote and publish your content on the following four media: 

  • Social Media  
  • Emails
  • Paid Platforms, such as Social Network Ads and Google Ads  
  • Online Communities (like Quora, Reddit, etc.)
What is Content Distribution?

Many types of content are there that you can create to distribute, But it is dependent on the kind of audience you have or search for. 

If people love your videos, then you have to be on YouTube. Otherwise, you should create content they want and love.  

Look here if you want to grow your youtube channel or down below if you want to find the best way to promote your Fiverr gigs.

Let’s look at a few other types of content distribution strategies.  

Types of Content for Distribution

There are many types of content to advertise your business online, but you must choose your content type carefully because not all of them have the same effect.

Firstly, Know your target audience and choose a particular type of content that you’d like to create.

For instance, an audience with a love of reading ebooks is not likely to watch videos.

Let’s look at other types of content you could create to promote your business now.

  • Ebooks    
  • Blog Posts and Articles      
  • Templates
  • Case studies    
  • Checklists    
  • Success stories 
  • Research studies     
  • Infographics
  • Podcasts    
  • Whitepapers       
  • Landing pages     
  • Newsletters

The list goes on, But these types of content can assist you in reaching out and interacting with your viewers on the web in a more effective method.

Create and share them on social platforms as well as run email campaigns to inform people about the contents. 

Watch the results and focus on making the platform better to make it more efficient.

Before that, make sure you use every channel to distribute content to promote your business. 

It may take some time but, you’ll be able to determine which one is more effective than the other channels. Make use of both free and paid media distribution channels, as well.

Paid Content Distribution Channels

The use of free platforms to distribute your content is great however, you will get organic traffic through your efforts. 

But it can take time! So if you desire to get a quick result, go with paid content distribution channels.

These channels comprise sponsored posts, PPC campaigns, as well as social media advertising. 

In PPC, you pay a tiny amount of money to companies such as Google AdWords and it will only cost per click for your ads.

Paid Content Distribution Channels

For sponsored content, similarly, You are paying a determined amount to an influencer who has an account on social media or a website with many followers. 

It means that your content is shared with their followers, and you can also market on the social channel.

YouTube ads also generate an impressive return for your money, and It wouldn’t be bad to try a few experiments and spend money based on what’s effective.

Free Content Distribution Channels

Content distribution channels are those where you distribute your content, But the channels you select to use may differ based on your target audience.

However, You may already have earned and owned free distribution channels for your content.

Earned Content Distribution Channels

These channels are also referred to as “shared channels” to distribute your content. 

This is because third parties own the channels, and posting is typically completely free through these platforms. 

But, naturally, you aren’t the owner or have control over the content.

For example, some of the earned content channels are relevant forums, review websites, friendly bloggers, and many more.

Owned Content Distribution Channels

These are channels that you or your company own, therefore you are able to design and manage the owned channels for the distribution of content.

Examples include your newsletter, blog as well as social media profiles.

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How To Make A Content Distribution Strategy?

Content distribution and marketing strategy are vital for many reasons.

Content distribution strategy:

  1. Improves the ROI of the creation of content.
  2. Let’s systematically distribute content.
  3. Creates KPIs that allow you to analyze your content efficiently.    

Here’s how you can develop a content distribution strategy

How To Make A Content Distribution Strategy?

Let’s go through these six steps one at a time. 

But, the first and most crucial step in creating a plan for the distribution of your content is to understand the audience you are targeting.

Understand Your Audience

Content distribution furthermore is concerned with sharing the content with the right people, isn’t it?

Meanwhile, you have to deeply research your targeted audiences and know what do they need, Or What do they want? Answer these and also other questions.

Content Distribution Strategy - Understand Your Audience

Here’s how you can do it:

  • Ask for your viewer’s feedback
  • Find out what keywords they use to reach you
  • Make your buyer’s persona
  • Collect demographic information (from your website, your email or social networks)

After that you know about your target audience, you can create content based on your audience’s interests. Also, make sure you post it on the platforms that they like.

Secondly, you audit them.

Audit Your Content

Similarly, you may have probably shared lots of content. Then It’s time to evaluate which kind of article is doing the best while there are various tools to audit the content, 


  • Ahrefs Content Gap tool
  • SEMRush’s Content Auditor
  • Screaming Frog
Content Distribution Strategy - Audit Your Content

If you’re interested in auditing manually, Then this is how you can accomplish it:  

  1. Identify your goals
  2. Gather All your content in one location
  3. Make an inventory spreadsheet
  4. Your content should be mapped by your buyer’s journey
  5. You can now Audit your content

You’ve probably performed well in order to realize which content performs better and the reasons. But, your content performance is determined by the distribution platforms you choose.

Choosing Perfect Content Distribution Channels 

Distribution channels for content are more crucial than the content itself and everything else. Why? 

Because you understand your audience through these channels, and once you have defined and comprehended your audiences, you can pick the most effective Medium for your content distribution.

Content Distribution - Choosing a perfect Channel

For instance, If your target audience is a fan of videos, your preferred distribution channel should be YouTube. 

Otherwise, It is essential to post on Reddit or Quora if you believe your visitors are there. 

After that, you should ensure the content is online with your audience.

Get The Perfect Content-Type

Your business’s growth depends on the content you publish and you should avoid creating more blog posts if your audience loves videos. Or, if your audience enjoys reading ebooks, you should make them accordingly.

There are many content types that you can make. You can analyze which type is best for your target audience for evaluating the right content type, and you should establish goals and KPIs.

Content Distribution - Get The Perfect Content-Type

Set The Goals and KPIs for Content Distribution

It would be best to establish success using Goals and Key Performance Indicators. 

Traffic, Quality Content and Engagements are some examples of KPIs. The goal is, however, an important milestone that you must reach.

Set SMART goals: 

  • Measurable   
  • Specific    
  • Time-Bound 
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
Content Distribution Strategy - Set The Goals and KPIs

Or You’ll be left with nothing. So, It’s better to get 1000 page views per week than not getting any traffic and I hope you achieve it.

Start Marketing and Distributing Your Content

Now that you know your audience and the right channels and content types to use, you can distribute your content. You should create an editorial calendar and keep it up! Use defined platforms to share the content and bang the show.

Act Accordingly by Analyzing the Results 

Once you have started distributing content, begin analyzing the KPIs and goals results. However, this is the final step to distributing content, But not an end. 

It is as important as creating and sharing content on the most effective content distribution channels. Analyzing content can help you identify the aspects that need improvement. Act accordingly and keep learning and improving.

Recommended Content Distribution Strategy (2022)

Your content will be more popular if it is shared widely. It might be distributed by you on social media, email, and other paid channels. Here is my content distribution method and how it works.

Do the Content Distribution With Email

Email marketing can be a powerful method to share your articles and content. People love to receive valuable and exciting emails, especially if they are receiving information that is useful.

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Content Distribution With Email

These are some tips for distributing your content through email:

  • Create an email that is unique and meets the needs of your audience
  • Share new content (videos, posts, and more) through email
  • Add your most recent content to your signature
  • Send the email to all your email subscribers

However, you can achieve a 400% ROI if you do your email marketing correctly with the best email marketing services. So, that’s the potential of email distribution. However, social platforms cannot be ignored.

Share Your Contents on Social Media Channels

Make sure you share your content across every social platform profile you have. You must be everywhere your followers are. 

If you’re trying to promote an article on your blog, make its appearance on social media using an OpenGraph photo.

Share Your Contents on Social Media Channels

Here’s how to post the content to social media platforms:

  • Upload your latest posts on both your personal and the company’s accounts 
  • Post to LinkedIn’s business and professional profiles    
  • Tweet about your content     
  • Upload your post on Pinterest and Instagram.    
  • Use Medium, as well.    

Make sure to put your content on social media, especially if it’s an essential piece of content. It’s typically a crucial factor in your business. Don’t be afraid to post your work on Behance, TikTok, Snapchat and other platforms if you find it relevant. 

Interact With Your Visitors on Social Platforms

Sharing posts on your social platforms sites is not enough. It is essential to interact with your followers on social media too. When you share your content, be sure to engage with your audience.

The essential thing is not to forget to comment on other websites, too.

It’s a huge marketing tool because it helps build the overall thinking direction of your business or brand.

Start creating a captivating marketing strategy for your content today!

For example, If your visitors are using Twitter

  • Retweet content from people who are sharing your content
  • Respond to those who have shared your content
  • Keep responding to old tweets

Engaging with your followers isn’t just about giving comments. It is important to ensure you promote their posts. However, don’t stop there. Contact some of the industry’s top executives too.

Reach Out To Individuals You Mention In Your content

Industry leaders attract the most attention across the globe. If you mention somebody in your article, reach out to them. This can be done by sharing their content or asking them for advice.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Ask them for sharing your content if they find it attractive
  • Tag the names of them you mention in your post
  • Outreach influencers, and inform them that you’ve mentioned them
Reach out to Individuals You Mention in Your contents

Keep in mind one thing that, never be a spammer. Respect their time and know that they might be busy at times.  

Posts Your Content to Online Communities

Today’s digital communities are diverse. Contributing your content to Quora, Reddit, and others will show it to a more broad potential audience. Create and join all the communities that are relevant.

  • Subreddits    
  • Facebook groups    
  • Slack groups
  • Product launch sites like ProductHunt (if you launch yours)   
  • Forums    
  • Quora Spaces
Posts Your Content to Online Communities

Answer all relevant Quora questions, too. Share your content across the internet, and you’ll be amazed at the outcomes.

Take Advantage of Paid Content Distribution

The sharing of your content on social media as well as online communities can drive an organic flow of traffic onto your site. However, I would also suggest opting for paid advertisements too. Paid content distribution can bring in many visitors fast.

  • Use Quora and LinkedIn ads
  • Boost your posts on Instagram, Facebook, and more
  • Consider PPC advertising on various platforms such as Google AdWords
  • Also, Sponsor an industry newsletter
Take Advantage of Paid Content Distribution

The paid content distribution can allow you to reach out to your target viewers faster than ever before. Make sure to do this after a thorough study, or you’ll be wasting your money. The best way to promote your ads is to hire a professional.

Build the Relevant Links for Your Blog Posts

Links that link back to your website are referred to as backlinks. They’re essential for increasing your rank on the internet. They play the role of voting: the more votes that you earn, the better your chances to win.

Here’s how to accomplish it:

  • Create content that is a cornerstone and then reach relevant people to share the link
  • Make a link-building campaign (But be aware)
  • Audit SERPs to find link building opportunities
Build the Relevant Links for Your Blog Posts

The process of running a link-building paid campaign could be risky for you. You must ensure that the links you receive aren’t spammy links at all. Or else you will not get ranked!

Repurpose Content to Other Platforms

Repurpose content on any platform you like, such as infographics, videos, Quora, Reddit, etc. It’s easy to accomplish using the right methods.

The most straightforward method is to start an article on your blog and prepare it for different channels. All you need to do is make the outline for your blog post and reuse your blog post according to this outline and never be short of content ideas. 

Make your content:

  • Slides (Google Slide, PPT, and many more)    
  • Video    
  • Stories for social media (WhatsApp, IG, TikTok and many more)    
  • Infographics
Repurpose Content to Other Platforms

Also, you can repurpose extensive content into ebooks. The more you reuse your content greater your audience’s reach can be.

Let me provide some more techniques and suggestions to strategically distribute your content.

Other Content Distribution Strategy Tricks and Tips

Use these tips and tricks to boost your content more. If you want a successful business, It is essential to have an effective strategy for the distribution of content.

  • Ask coworkers, family members, and friends to share your article
  • Reference your asset during conferences and presentations 
  • Share the recent content with your coworkers on Slack and more
  • Use and share your content with relevant communities
  • Go on the relevant podcast and mention the content your create
  • Find a story on HARO that is relevant to your content
  • Earn more followers using bots like PhantomBuster
  • Use Triberr to communicate with fellow bloggers and writers
  • Send in-app notifications to let people know about your new content
  • Do a live chat and share your content with your visitors
  • Find the relevant content roundups and submit your content
  • Include references to the content via brochures and materials
  • Increase engagement on your LinkedIn post using POD (bot)
  • Create a tweetstorm about the problem your article solves
  • Distribute your content on platforms like Quuu
  • Promote your content at the end and take part in online summits

Don’t forget to include a link to your tweets. This is how you share your content. If you think you’re unable to accomplish it independently, organize your time more carefully. Hire a small group to assist you.

However, you must distribute your content in a strategic manner. If not, your content will be buried in the sand of internet content. I hope that you found this guide to the content distribution strategy helpful. 

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