Blogging can be a lot of fun, but it’s also a lot of work. You have to make sure you’re using the best WordPress plugins for blogs to make your blog as successful as possible.

But, there are a ton of WordPress plugins out there, and it can be hard to know which ones are worth your time and effort. Since not all plugins are created equal, and some are better than others.

So, I’ve put together a list of the best WordPress plugins for blogs.

These plugins will assist you with everything from SEO to security. So whether you’re just starting or you’ve been blogging for years, these plugins will help you take your blog to the next level.

For Example, If you want to build forums on WordPress, you can do it with bbPress, or if looking to rank your site in search engines such as Google, Either choose RankMath or go for Yoast SEO.

Additionally, I’ve added some recommended tools and resources to make your website provide the best experience for your visitors. 

Let’s begin without delay.

Best Free WordPress Plugins For Blogs

However, some WordPress software and plugins could be available for free, while other costs. Meanwhile, some plugins such as RankMath are built with a freemium-based model for businesses. 

It means that you can start using the plugin at no cost and then change to an upgraded subscription when you are ready.

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RankMath – Best WordPress Plugin for SEO

You may wonder why I have mentioned RankMath multiple times. Well, because I myself use RankMath on this website and honestly I liked RankMath.

Yoast SEO and All-in-One SEO are also among the Best Free WordPress Plugins For Blogs that help you in on-page SEO to optimize your website. 

However, I believe RankMath is superior because of its enhanced features. Most importantly, it assists a website in achieving the top SEO-related standards.

RankMath will help you identify what is wrong with your blog post based on the most effective SEO techniques. 

RankMath – WordPress Plugin for SEO

However, it may suggest you make some changes from simple to advanced. As well as it is possible to add more features to your website by using the plugin:

  • Seamless installation
  • Nice and clean user interface
  • Advanced analytics of SEO reports
  • Search Console and Google Analytics integration
  • Rank tracking for appropriate keywords
  • Posts keywords Ranking 
  • Easy-peasy scheme importer & generator
  • Readability score suggestions 
  • Knowledge graph for Google
  • Generating XML Sitemap

The list goes on. 

But, it’s among the most effective plugins that increase the organic traffic to your WordPress website. Moreover, it will provide lots of functions, even when using the free edition. 

There are many features to explore, But here’s a professional tip for you. Activate Its functions if you require them.

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RafflePress – Best Plugin for Giveaways & Contests

I believe that helping people in a way will always come back to us. That is why this the best WordPress plugins for blogs that want to contribute to the community and let them bounce back to them.

The most useful WordPress plugin to run contests and giveaways is RafflePress. 

Furthermore, If you want to increase the number of your emails, website visitors, and social media followers, use this fantastic plugin.

RafflePress – WordPress Plugin for Giveaways & Contests

Here are some features you should be aware of about RafflePress:

  • Viral giveaway templates
  • Visual builder for the giveaway
  • Responsive for all devices
  • Referral and Share Links
  • Easy Integrations with Social Media 
  • Fraud detection
  • Retargeting and Tracking
  • Impressive landing pages for giveaways
  • CRM and Marketing

You can find all the giveaway plugins available under one roof.

However, I’ve tried several giveaway plugins, but I can assure you that most of them are faulty and slow. Meanwhile, they can make your WordPress website slower. 

Take a look at RafflePress for those who want to organize giveaways and contests effortlessly.

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MonsterInsight – Best WordPress Plugins For Blogs

I’ve used “MonsterInsight” for many years, as well as It’s among the most liked WordPress tools for analysis. 

It has the best UI (User Interface) and a manageable dashboard. All the tracking options you will need are in one plugin. So this is one of the must have WordPress plugins for blogs.

MonsterInsight – WordPress Plugin For Analytics

Here are the best functions of MonsterInsights:

  • GDPR compliant
  • Comprehensive tracking
  • Real-time analytics
  • SEO reports for ranking
  • E-commerce detailed reports
  • Google Analytics detailed reports
  • Seamless integrations with plugins such as WooCommerce and Yoast SEO.

Therefore, the plugins assist you in understanding the progress and journey of your website to allow you to make the appropriate decisions.

So, I can clearly say that MonsterInsights simplify analysis and delivers what it promises for all its users. As well as it’s an essential plugin for each WordPress website.

OptimizePress – Best WordPress Landing Page Builder

If you are a professional marketer, entrepreneur, or business owner. Then, this is one of the Best WordPress Plugins For Blogs. So, if you need landing pages for your WordPress website you should go for it. 

If you are into WordPress like I do and want to make the most of it, you should choose OptimizePress. 

Moreover, this plugin lets you build beautiful landing pages, and It’s fantastic software to create digital products and membership sites.

OptimizePress – WordPress Landing Page Builder

Here are some important uses of OptimizePress:

  • Create Landing Pages and Opt-ins 
  • Create Sales and Offer Deals
  • Analyze stats and optimize accordingly
  • Build sales funnels and Lead

That is all you need to promote your products or services online. However, OptimizePress can also help you in creating leads magnet or webinar registration pages. 

Additionally, It can help you design exit pop forms as well as email confirmation pages. But, If you are looking to find a simple affiliate site built on WordPress, Try PrettyLinks.

Slider Revolution – Another Best WordPress Plugins For Blogs

It was initially a plugin that you could use to add sliders to your WordPress posts and pages in 2012. But since then, it has just become more than a regular WordPress plugin for adding sliders. 

You can now design your WordPress website or blog using this plugin.

Slider Revolution – Premium WordPress Slider

These are the best features of the Slider Revolution:

  • Visual Builder
  • Attentive “Hero” Sections
  • More than 200 “Templates” for Websites, Content, and Media.
  • Fantastic design elements such as sliders and carousels

Furthermore, there is a massive collection of all features related to creating and designing your blog or website on WordPress. As well as It is possible to transform any image into an interactive using more than 25 add-on extensions. 

Meanwhile, you can switch from dynamic range to the overall look and the feeling of sliders. It is an excellent WordPress tool to design your website.

PrettyLinks – Best Affiliate WordPress Plugin

PrettyLinks is one of the must have WordPress plugins for blogs for affiliate marketing. Meanwhile, It lets you cloak affiliate links while you are on the go. 

So it is essential in affiliate marketing because of trust among your audience.

PrettyLinks – Affiliate WordPress Plugin


  • It helps attribute your links.
  • Creates speakable links for podcasters.
  • Imports and exports all the data and functions.
  • Replaces specific words into affiliate links automatically.

Most importantly, It is necessary to use PrettyLinks to disguise affiliate links within your posts and emails. 

For example, Mailchimp doesn’t permit affiliate marketing links to use in your emails. But, with PrettyLinks, you can do this seamlessly. So I think it’s an essential WordPress plugin for professional marketing.

LiteSpeed Cache – Best WordPress Plugin For Site Speed

However, I believe that WP Rocket is the #1 best WordPress plugin for site speed and cache. The features and functionalities that WP Rocket provides no other cache plugins can do it.

I am personally using WP Rocket on my website. And after testing all of the cache plugins I can clearly say that it has the best and most simple user interface that requires no complex knowledge to understand setting options.

But, the con is that it doesn’t offer any free plan and here you can use LiteSpeed cache to optimize your performance.

With the latest Core Web Vitals and Google updates, your website speed performance is much more crucial than it was before. 

Therefore, caching is the best method to boost the speed of your website, and that’s why the LiteSpeed Cache plugin is a great choice.

LiteSpeed Cache – WordPress Plugin Supercharge Your Site

Here are the best advantages of LiteSpeed Cache:

  • Free Object Cache and QUIC.Cloud CDN 
  • Picture Optimization 
  • JavaScript, CSS, and HTML Minification
  • Inline CSS/JS minification and Combination
  • Lazyload iframes/images
  • Generate Critical CSS
  • Responsive Picture Placeholders

However, it’s an all-in-one tool to enhance your WordPress site in just a few minutes. Additionally, it comes with the ability to cache your server’s data and provides the ability to optimize your site seamlessly. 

So, I recommend you use the best free WordPress plugins for blogs to boost the speed of your website in a matter of minutes.

Sucuri – Best WordPress Plugin For Security

The Internet is full of spammers, scammers, and hackers, all of whom are ready to destroy your WordPress website. But, Sucuri Security is an unbelievable plugin, which can scan your site for security and malware.

Sucuri WordPress Plugin For Security

It comes with these security options:

  • File Integrity Monitoring
  • Security Activity Auditing
  • Blocklist Monitoring
  • Post-Hack Security Actions
  • Security Notifications
  • Remote Malware Scanning
  • Website Firewall (premium)
  • Effective Security Hardening

Sucuri’s free version will scan your site and include the tools required to manually remove threats by the user. Meanwhile, the premium edition has all the above features, with an automated process. 

Then, choose this plugin if you’re looking to protect your website.

Hustle – Just Another Best WordPress Plugins For Blogs

Are you looking to grow your email subscriber list as well as efficiently increase your website’s visitors?

Then, you must download and install Hustle, an excellent WordPress tool for email marketing. As well as, there’s a vast templates library that you can choose from it. 

Additionally, you can design slideshows, pop-ups, options, and many more.

Hustle – Email Marketing WordPress Plugin

These are a few advantages of making use of Hustle:

  • Enjoy ready templates
  • Get creative pop-ups and opt-ins
  • Set schedules for the best results
  • Target your visitors based on their behaviour
  • Customize everything to sync your brand
  • Use AI-Powered Triggers

Well, the list goes on. 

Hustle allows users to conduct email marketing without ever leaving the dashboard of WordPress.

But, as a newbie in email marketing, you will always need to start with one of the Best Email Marketing Services.

Therefore, you can also add your top social media icons to allow the readers of your blog to spread your content on Social media.

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bbPress – Best Forum WordPress Plugins

Do you want to establish an online community? or Do you desire to make a separate forum website? 

If”yes,” then your answer is the bbPress plugin. 

However, it’s a fantastic WordPress plugin that lets you create an elegant and timeless discussion board.

bbPress – Best Forum WordPress Plugin

Here are a few of the excellent advantages of bbPress:

  • Easy setup and moderation
  • Fast and Clean design
  • Availability of making multisite forums
  • Full integration with one click

With bbPress, you can build unlimited forums, handle replies, and create your users’ profiles. Moreover, the other forum-related plugins you can use are Forum Engine, BuddyPress, Asgaros Forum, and more.

LiveChat – Best WordPress Plugins For Conversation

You might want to provide support or connect with your visitors to your site to offer something else. Then, LiveChat is a great tool to boost sales and enhance customer service. 

Most importantly, it lets you integrate with customers as a support assistant to your WordPress site in just a few minutes.

LiveChat – Top Conversational WordPress Plugin

This plugin has an excellent set of features, including:

  • Offer awesome customer experience
  • Integrate with over 200 tools like TeamViewer or WooCommerce
  • Automate your chat with AI
  • Show product cards to make shopping easy

You can also use LiveChat across all platforms, From Messenger through Email or WhatsApp and SMS. As well as you’re not limited to having conversations with customers via your WordPress website. 

So, choose the LiveChat WordPress plugin if you are looking to provide fast assistance.

Non WordPress Services and Tools That You Must Have In Your Site

Apart from these Best Free WordPress Plugins For Blogs, I have included web hosting services, content editing, and domain name providers. 

So, they might not be part of the WordPress community. But, they are a part of building an improved website.

Linko – Best Link Tracker and Shortener

Linko is the best link tracker for marketers, bloggers, YouTubers, and everyone else. It is a straightforward link shortener. 

So, with its powerful features and accessibility, you may smoothly track your visitors or audience. 

Linko is the ultimate marketing solution that enables you to track the effectiveness of every link and improve your advertising efforts.

 It also offers a robust developer toolkit that lets you instantly shorten any website URL with a matter of clicks. 

Additionally, you can target or re-target any specific devices or geography to analyze better performance and collect data.

Linko - best link tracker
15+ Best WordPress Plugins For Blogs (Almost Free) 18

Take a look at the best features of Linko.

  • URLs allowed
  • Clicks per month
  • Forever Data Retention
  • QR Codes
  • Bio Profiles
  • Custom Splash Pages
  • Custom Overlay Pages
  • Event Tracking
  • Team Member
  • Custom Domains
  • Geotargeting
  • Device Targeting
  • Custom Aliases
  • Export Data
  • Developer API
  • Advertisement-Free

Bluehost – WordPress Recommended Hosting Service

It is suggested by WordPress, as well as offers various hosting services to your website. Furthermore, You can select between dedicated, shared, as well as VPS-based hosting. 

But If you want my recommendation, I would recommend you go for Cloudways Managed Cloud Hosting as it’s quick, reliable, and inexpensive hosting without any doubt.

Read My full detailed article about Cloudways Review 2022 – getting The Best Cloud Hosting at a Low Cost.

Bluehost – WordPress Recommended Hosting Service

The top attributes are:

  • Quick medium response time (1.26ms).
  • Quick medium load time (1.48ms).
  • Free domain and SSL.
  • Phone Support, knowledge base, and live chat.
  • One-click WordPress installation.

It is possible to host your website as cheap as $3.95 every month if you sign up for three years in advance. But, Prices for dedicated hosting is starting at $79.99 each month. Meanwhile, VPS hosting starts at $19.99 monthly. 

But, I would always suggest Cloudways If you are looking for wallet-friendly Cloud-Based hosting 5X faster than every hosting service.

NameCheap – Best Domain Name Provider 

Are you in search of an affordable domain name for your website? Then, NameCheap is a reasonable choice available at the moment. 

Domain names are available for less than $1.99 in the initial year.

NameCheap – Domain Name Provider 

Each domain is accompanied by:

  • Full DNS access.
  • 24/7 support.
  • Detailed knowledge base.
  • Free domain privacy.
  • Free migration if you want to host your website there.

But it’s not just about domains. 

NameCheap also provides VPN, hosting, PositiveSSL Wildcard, and much more. 

It also offers business email services as low as $0.74 each month. 

Other domain name registration companies are Bluehost, Namesilo, and Google Domains.

Contabo – Best Premium Hosting Service

There are two great things to love about Contabo affordable prices and quick hosting. 

Choose it if you are looking to get off on an established base. Its premium hosting offers three dedicated servers. You can select which one is best for your needs in terms of VPS, the number of RAM, CPU cores, and more.

Contabo – Premium Hosting Service

All Contabo plans offer:

  • VNC access.
  • Root access.
  • Dedicated IP address.
  • Website builder.
  • Web interface reboot capability.
  • An unlimited number of domains.
  • Access to OS installation and management.

It is possible to use Co-location Services, backups, and Security features. 

Contabo lets you quickly scale up and down. 

It’s a high-end VPS that has its own data centres too.

Canva – Best Image Designing Tool

You’ve purchased your domain, plugins, and hosting. 

This is the moment to publish content to your WordPress website, and you will also need to add images and videos. 

In this regard, Canva is a stunning design tool for those who don’t have design skills.

Canva – Image Designing Tool

There are various things, including:

  • Texts and elements animation.
  • Crop and trim images.
  • Apply textures for homey designs.
  • Enjoy speech bubbles.
  • Remove background from images.
  • Drag and drop all the elements. 
  • Team members Collaboration.

And more. 

It is also possible to straighten videos and images. As well as the use of pictures from its stock and footage is also easy with Canva. 

Especially, if you want to know how to remove images’ backgrounds easily check out this article How To Remove Background From Images (Free & Paid).

You can attach thousands of stickers to your images for no cost. Start using Canva free of charge and later upgrade it to make the most of it.

Other Best WordPress Plugins For Blogs

If this isn’t enough, many developers are constantly creating new features. You can get additional WordPress software and plugins through iTheme or CodeCanyon. 

However, these are the great marketplaces for the Best Free WordPress Plugins For Blogs.

Both of these platforms are full of themes that are cool as well.

  • iThemes WordPress Tools & Themes
  • Themes and WordPress Tools on Envato Market

Most of the projects available in CodeCanyon or iTheme have no-cost upgrades to the latest versions. 

They are also fully documented so that you can install and edit them to suit your needs.

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Use only the tools you need to.

Because the more plugins you use, the slower the WordPress website will become. Therefore, I suggest using the least amount of plugins you can and being aware of the tools and plugins you’ll use. 

So, don’t use more than one tool for the same function. 

For example: you shouldn’t use RankMath to improve your website for SEO if you already installed YoastSEO. 

The reason is that both plugins have the same features. 

On the other hand, if you’d like to check your site’s performance using the RankMath Analytics plugin, don’t download Google Sitekit.

The reason is, Your website becomes slower, and search engines become confused because of the same tools and plugins performing the same function.

As well as, the plugins may conflict with each other and cause you to lose your website, and even worst is if you haven’t backed up your site. Sounds right? Isn’t it. 

So let me know in the comment, what is your favourite plugin among these Best Free WordPress Plugins For Blogs.

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