The days are gone when marketers had no control over their links in digital marketing campaigns over a couple of decades.

And thus, with 3 years of experience, I can say that there is never only one perfect solution to digital marketing success. 

But, a link tracker can always be a part of it.

According to stats, 70% of every 4,500 marketers still have no control over their links. And this is what makes their marketing growth a flaw.

So, I have tested more than 10 best link trackers, but I didn’t really get what I wanted in my digital marketing campaigns.

Today, I will not talk about Bitly or TinyURL

Instead, I will provide you with one of the best link trackers of all time with more than 15+ features and infinite possibilities.

But first, let’s learn what a link tracker is❓

What is a Link Tracker❓

A Link tracker is a software or tool that allows you to track every single link with in-depth analytics. 

It also gives you the ability to target & re-target, measure, and optimize your links in a marketing campaign.

Basically, the link shortener services are the link trackers that give you complete control over your links and everything.

For example: 

This is a regular Link that you have no control over and can not track.

But, this is a short Link that you can track with full control.

Then, let’s learn why it is important to use a link tracker❓

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Why should you use a Link Tracker❓

In today’s digital world, if you have no management over your links, you will probably lose your marketing efforts.

But, choosing the best link tracker can save you time, effort, and money.

Suppose you promote a long-form URL, and how many people do you think will remember it, especially if it has too many characters and symbols❓

Definitely No One.????

#1 Best Link Tracker - Perfect For Sales and Marketing
#1 Best Link Tracker - Perfect For Sales and Marketing 5

Therefore, a short link will not only be easy-to-remember, but you can generate tons of traffic to your content.

A simple short link tracker can not only give you control but can build your brand as well.

Here are some benefits of a link tracker that can help you achieve more in your marketing campaigns.

  • ► You can track clicks and improve ROI.
  • ► It can boost your result and CTR.
  • ► You can get detailed insights and analytics.
  • ► You can add tracking pixels to re-target later.
  • ► It can allow you to target specific geography and devices.
  • ► You can build your brand with your own branded domain.

Furthermore, a link tracker is an essential asset for digital marketers to track their performance in PPC campaigns, content marketing, or social media posts.

According to the stats shared by Marketo96% of your website visitors are not buyers, and only 4% will tend to buy from or through your website.

Then, how can you track where that 4% comes from to improve your conversion❓

So, the best link tracker will always help you gather information about your campaigns and visitors to boost CTR and ROI.

So, which is that #1 best link tracker that can give you all these features with infinite possibilities❓

Let’s know together.

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LINKO – #1 Best Link Tracker Software with Infinite Possibilities

Linko is a simple link shortener but a powerful and the best link tracker for Marketers, Influencers, YouTubers, and Everyone.

It allows you to track your visitors or audience seamlessly with powerful features and accessibilities.

Linko is an ultimate marketing tool that allows you to monitor the performance of every single link and optimize your marketing campaigns.

#1 Best Link Tracker - Perfect For Sales and Marketing
#1 Best Link Tracker - Perfect For Sales and Marketing 6

Furthermore, it has a powerful developer tool that enables you to short any website URL using a bookmarklet URL shortener button instantaneously.

Afterwards, it will save the shortened link into your account for future access and Tracking.

Now, Let’s consider the Linko features.



Linko – Features

However, it is not only a link tracker, but Linko has many features that ease your marketing efforts.

1- Unlimited URLs 

Not every link shorteners provide unlimited URLs but a maximum of only a few thousand, while Linko allows you to short and track unlimited URLs.

2- Unlimited Clicks

Same as URLs Linko provides and allows unlimited clicks to your links that are not available in other link trackers.

3- Custom Aliases

A short link and a trackable link are perfect. But not with random characters and numbers at the end of a URL as a suffix. While you can add your custom aliases to make a link look professional.

For example:

4- QR Codes

Recently, not all short link software can offer robust QR code generators, but Linko has already covered this part, and you can create unlimited static and dynamic QR codes.

5- Bio Profiles

If you know that Bio links or profiles are almost very trendy these days. And every digital marketer, freelancer, YouTuber, and influencer use them to promote and track their links. 

But only at an extra cost from a different website that looks unprofessional and takes time to look over every platform. 

While Linko has already created such a feature to manage everything under one roof.

6- Campaign or Link Rotator

A campaign allows you to group multiple links together for different purposes. Then a random short link will be generated to rotate the link among the campaign.

You can also view single link statistics or aggregated statistics among the campaign.

7- Custom Splash Pages

A custom splash is a transitional page where you can represent your brand message with a custom design. Then, you can short a link and assign the splash page to show your message to the visitors.

8- Custom Overlay Pages

A custom overlay is also called a CTA overlay which is non-intrusive, and you can display your messages on the destination website to the visitors.

9- Event Tracking

Event trackings are tracking pixel features that allow you to add any tracking pixel from different platforms. Like Google Ads, Facebook, and Reddit to optimize your marketing and re-target your audience later.

10- Team Member

Team member features allow you to add members to your account and assign them to single or multiple tasks.

11- Custom Domains

This feature allows you to add unlimited branded domains to your account and short your links with your own domain.

12- GeoTargeting

Linko also provides a geotargeting feature that allows you to get fine-tuned analytics and assign any link to any country you want to redirect visitors. 

13- Device Targeting

If you have different pages for different devices. Then using Linko, you can redirect users to that specific page and track performances using device targeting.

14- Data Retention

Links analytics and history are the critical features that a short link service can provide. Most link shortener services provide 1 up to 2 years of data retention, while Linko stores the data forever.

15- Export Data

This feature allows you to export general statistics data or a single short link.

16- Developer API

As we discussed earlier, Linko has a powerful developer tool, and one of them is developer API, which allows you to integrate Linko service with WordPress, Zapier, and Shortcuts and automate the workflow.

????One-Time Payment????


Linko – Benefits

Linko is a premium short link tracker built with powerful tools to help you optimize your marketing strategy. As well as allows you to understand your visitors and customers to increase your conversion.

Actually, if you are a freelancer and always trying to find the best way to promote your Fiverr gigs then you have to use a lin tracker.

As it will enable you to track your marketing and promoting performance well and keep your efforts performing better.

Linko system will also help you track everything, whether it is a click, platform, browser, referrer, language, or country. 

#1 Best Link Tracker - Perfect For Sales and Marketing
#1 Best Link Tracker - Perfect For Sales and Marketing 7

Moreover, it is a medium between your visitors and their destination.

Below I have mentioned the significant benefits of Linko – one of the best link trackers.

Target & Re-Target

Using Linko, you can target your specific audience to enhance your reach and redirect them to the relevant destination. 

As well as, it allows you to add targeting pixels to re-target your audience later in your Google or social media ad campaigns.

Measure & Optimize

This link shortener will help you measure the data by sharing your link to your website or network and optimizing your marketing performance.

Reach & Increase Sales

Linko is also perfect for sales and marketing; that allows you to reach the audiences that fit your needs and understand them to increase your sales.

Target Interested Users

This best link tracker will let you target your users and understand their behaviour to provide them with an overall experience by intelligent re-targeting.

Control Each and Everything

Additionally, with Linko premium membership, you can have complete management over your links. It means you can customize, filter, add or change anything and anytime you want.

Linko – Pricing

Linko has very simple and transparent pricing with a cost-friendly plan that no other Link Shorteners or Link Trackers can offer.

As well as, it comes with a lifetime option that gives you everything mentioned above for only a one-time payment.

Linko has three plans IndividualBusiness, and Agency.

Individual: Costs $29.99 Per Month.

Business: Costs $49.99 Per Month.

Agency: Costs $99.99 Per Month.

Best Link Tracker – Final Thoughts

However, you may say that there are many best link trackers. Then what makes Linko stand apart as the #1 best link tracker?

Well, Linko is the best alternative to Bitly or any other short link tracker, which offers many premium tools apart from link shortening and tracking. Like Bio Links and QR Code Generators.

And not only that, but the other benefit of Linko is that it is a safe and clean service out of spammers’ hands you can easily share your high-quality links without being worried.

Moreover, when it comes to a product or service, we always consider the best services with the most affordable pricing in the market.

So, Linko is the best link tracker that stands alone in the market for providing such features and tools for a low price that no other service does.

I hope you found it helpful, and feel free to give your feedback in the comment section.

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