Email Marketing is an important factor, but deciding which one is right for your business can be a tough task.

However, there are many different email marketing tools and services out there. But, we’ve done the hard work for you and compiled a list of the best email marketing tools for small businesses. 

These tools offer everything from automated campaigns to detailed analytics. So you can find the perfect tool for your business and start seeing outcomes.

In short, email marketing services can bring many benefits to your business.

  • Enhance Engagements,
  • Increase Sales,
  • Establish Reputation,
  • Connects customers and businesses, and
  • Provide insight into businesses. 

What is Email Marketing?

As the name implies, Email Marketing is a type of marketing that makes use of an internet-based protocol SMTP, commonly referred to as electronic mail or e-mail.

Every person on the internet is identifiable by a few distinct characteristics. You can certainly identify a person’s identity based on their IP or MAC address.

What is Email Marketing?
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However, this only assists in finding the device used by the user and not the individual.

If someone on the internet wishes to access an application or service or download a particular application, they will require credentials.

These credentials can be either the email address or phone number.

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Why Should I Care About Email So Much?

There are over 3.8 billion active E-mail accounts. This does not include those accounts that people have created though they don’t have access but use for signups for various reasons.

I will give the best details about how important is an email account. Everybody needs at least one email account at the present time.

If you’re making use of an Android phone that is powered by Google’s services or an iPhone, you must have an email address. These phones won’t allow you to start up without having any email address installed.

In simple terms, emails are the foundations of the modern web-based world and technological advancement. 

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Let’s get back to our primary topic, Email Marketing:

Benefits of Email Marketing

Here are some suggestions to help you comprehend the reason why Email Marketing can be so profitable for your business:

Benefits of Email Marketing
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Improved ROI

The DMA has conducted a study that shows that proper Email Marketing gives 43X more in ROI on average within the United States alone.

Targeted and personal

Using market segmentation, as well as other techniques, Email Marketing can be directed to a particular market and as specific as you want.


Users are more likely to reply to the messages sent directly to their inboxes rather than being displayed on billboards in public. The emails are private and delivered in confidence.

Email apps are preloaded

There isn’t an Android Skin and iOS version that doesn’t come without email applications. Since emails are preloaded, marketing via this platform is widely read by everyone so long as the emails aren’t blocked.

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A Small Guide To Choosing The Best Email Marketing Tools For Small Businesses

Now that you understand the importance of emails and the significant benefit they can offer businesses – resulting in an increase of 43X in ROI.

Let’s dive into the Best Email Marketing tools for small businesses and what elements you should consider before deciding to purchase one.

These are a few factors you should know:


The first thing to consider is figuring out from real-world scenarios whether the Email Marketing service you are selecting offers engaging and informative material or not. 

Engagement is a crucial element since higher levels of engagement translate directly into better sales and deals.


The users’ engagement and experience are very important while creating emails that you want the people to read.

You have to design certain emails to be brief, delivering information straight to users and not throwing an empty bucket. 

A lot of emails concentrate on using particular images to present engaging content for the user.


Ideally, you’ll require to use an Email Marketing service that handles most of the tasks while providing you with the essential details.

Automation is a crucial factor while deciding if an email marketing service is worth the investment for your company or not.


This Email Marketing service should provide some market segmentation methods, Or it has to direct you to the appropriate segmentation provider. 

It is supposed to separate contacts you’ve inputted into various segments. This allows you to send bulk personalized emails. 

Best Email Marketing Tools For Small Businesses – Get 43X in ROI

Sorry for taking this long to arrive at the topic you wanted to know, but it was crucial to clarify these points. 

Here are the Best Email Marketing Services For Small Businesses that you must know about:

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Drip is a powerful business-oriented Email Marketing platform aimed at blogging sites, digital marketers, e-commerce sites, and bloggers. 

It is not worth breaking a sweat over Drip because it offers many features for its customers.

A few of that you’ll not find on any other platform listed here.

Best Email Marketing Services - Drip
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Features of Drip

Let’s look at a few of the best features offered by Drip:


With automated intelligent technology, Drip makes customization simple and also includes segmentation tools.

Free 14-Day Trial

It offers the opportunity to take advantage of a free trial of 2 weeks without a credit card.

Businesses can work out how to start by using this service without having to spend even a cent.

Marketing Automation

It is easy to swiftly send and reply to emails with its perfect toolset.


It has seamless integration with different eCommerce sites. It also integrates with WordPress, which makes it possible for any site to connect with Drip to boost sales.


Signup forms are easy to add and other unique forms that allow you to collect the contact details of users, dramatically increasing different marketing types.

Visual Workflow Builder

Create an automated workflow that will respond to customers, increasing customer interaction.

Split-Testing Features

Like the A/B testing feature, It helps significantly in sending targeted emails to maximum benefits.


Offers customer support via live chat. It also provides webinars that help businesses increase their effectiveness.

Complimentary Guides

The package comes with free documents and guides to help businesses set up in place and ready for business without having to pay extra for hiring a professional.

While Drip is a relatively expensive choice on the list above, it offers numerous features, particularly about eCommerce platforms.

If you’re looking to begin an online business, it’s possible you’re involved in the $49-month subscription. It’s dependent on the number of services you need. 


SendinBlue is a different Email Marketing service that is rapidly recognized as one of the most popular marketing platforms available in Europe.

What makes SendinBlue the best is that SendinBlue does not only offer Email Marketing services but also provides SMS Marketing services.

It is also a common platform since it’s been around for all the time smartphones have been.

Nearly all smartphones of the present age are fitted with SIM cards. This is why SendinBlue is an effective service to offer marketing services for mobile devices.

Best Email Marketing Services - sendinblue
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Why SendinBlue?

Here are the benefits of Sendinblue:


It has a simple interface, and a drags and drops editor for emails that allow beginners to create emails without needing a lot of expertise.

Beginner Friendly

It is a tool that targets beginners, but it is strong enough that even experts may not be able to its fullest potential.

Personalization Through Automation

It supplies automated tools to facilitate sending transactions by email and also develops workflows to follow emails. Also, it helps to personalize the company through the use of automation.

Special AI Algorithm

It makes sure that emails are always delivered promptly and calculates the ideal timing to send an email according to the different factors algorithm figures.

Send Emails In Bulk

It comes with an additional SMTP mass Email Marketing service that allows users to send automated email messages at a rapid pace without any delay.

Real-Time Content-Based Email Creation

Creates content-based emails with the help of sophisticated AI.

Free Service

You can purchase the service and make it more individual. The free service might not include some of the options mentioned above.

User Interaction

They offer CRMs and live chat as options on this platform.

Integrates With Facebook Ads

Integrates automatically with Facebook ads for better advertising management and better results in marketing while spending less cost on all platforms owned by Facebook.

If you’re a site administrator but aren’t sure how to improve your site, SendinBlue gives a landing page builder feature.

With this feature, you can make a compelling landing page that can generate more significant outcomes.

SendinBlue includes a range of additional tools and features you should look into on their pricing plans. The most affordable plan starts at $25 per month. However, the cost rises when looking for extra features or more time.

Constant Contact

The most comprehensive and fast-growing Email Marketing service worldwide.

Constant Contact is a user-friendly and intuitive service that is able to do everything that a perfect Email Marketing service is supposed to do.

It’s been a top choice for reviewers, and the service is a reference point to evaluate other services.

Best Email Marketing Services - constant contact
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Why Constant Contact?

These are a few of the top features of Constant Contact:

Automation and Management Tools

It is easy to manage your contacts lists, email lists templates for email, and calendars by using specific automation tools and other exclusive features.

Track Market Status

It is easy to track the state of your preferred market and your contact list to make sure that your contact list is just a step away.  

Powerful Segmentation Tool

This comes with a dedicated and important list segmentation tool that can help differentiate between users depending on different characteristics/habits.

Integration with Facebook Ads

A strong Integration with Facebook ads allows advertisements on Instagram as well as Facebook, WhatsApp, and several other platforms operated by the Facebook organization.

Integration with eCommerce Platforms

Integrates with platforms for eCommerce like Shopify to allow easy marketing on websites hosted on Shopify and other similar platforms.

Exceptional Customer Support System

It is perhaps the most helpful customer service system of the many choices in this list.

The extensive library of unique and valuable resources, along with a community of people who are always ready to assist, provides a wonderful experience.

Live Seminars

Live seminars are held in person throughout the United States to boost small companies’ marketing. Additionally, they offer valuable details about how this can increase its growth.

Contact Plus is a premium service with impressive elements. Drip campaigns, Email automation, online donation, coupons, surveys, and polls, as well as a variety of tools, support in increasing the interaction of users. 

If you’re not convinced the features listed above are adequate for you, there are at least another dozen features that could not be included in this guide.    

It may take some days or weeks to establish the Email marketing service. It offers a free trial for 60-day with no credit card. You are able to test the best features of their service.

The cost is as low as $20 per month, based on how many features you’d like to have.


ConvertKit is a prominent Email Marketing platform that targets authors, bloggers, and creators who create content for people.

It was included on this list due to its capability to offer improvements to your site and increase your call-to-action.

Best Email Marketing Services - convertKit
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What makes ConvertKit a good choice?

Here are the benefits of ConvertKit:

Ideal For Content Creators

They have designed it for article creators, and its efficient features are the ideal solution for them on the following list.

Complete Market Segmentation

Complete and easy market segmentation, even though it is a free service.

Increased Conversion & ROI

By using targeted Email Marketing, it helps to improve conversion rates and increase return on investment.

Support and Learning materials

For clients, ConvertKit offers email-based support and helps in increasing the amount of information available through the library of excellent training tools.

30-Day Refund Policy

It has a 30-day money-back that allows customers to receive an exchange if they’re unhappy with the services.

ConvertKit offers a free 14-day trial. If you are satisfied with their service, it will cost you just $29 per month.


AWeber is among the oldest Email Marketing service provider on this list but, it’s not a bad service.

One of the most appealing features of AWeber is that since it’s an older email marketing system, the service is able to be extended to various other platforms, including Facebook as well as WordPress.

Best Email Marketing Services - AWeber
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Features of AWeber which can be useful

The Characteristics of AWeber that you must know about:

Multiple Forms of Support

Offers live chat, phone call, and email support to businesses in the event that they experience any difficulties making use of the services.


It is the least expensive choice because they design it for medium and small businesses.

Dedicated User Base

Since it’s an old version of the service and has a committed user base that is always ready to assist if it is needed.

Learn More Through Seminars

Even offers live webinars at periodic intervals, providing an interactive event where companies can get more information about Email Marketing.

Extensive Tutorials

It has a vast library of tutorials and how-to platforms, making it easy to use even for newbies.

AWeber is inexpensive

It provides a free platform that can accommodate up to 500 subscribers; however, it is able to upgrade to a premium plan which begins at just $19 per month.

You can drastically reduce the price when you opt for either a quarterly or an annual plan.


You may have had a glimpse of Mailchimp mostly because it’s possibly the most well-known platform in this list.

The major benefit that comes with this Mailchimp Email Marketing Service is that it’s a no-cost service that is available for an unlimited time.

Additionally, it offers many options that other platforms provide at a reasonable price.

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How will Mailchimp fulfil your needs?

These are some factors that you should know about:

Integrates Easily With Multiple Platforms

Mailchimp integrates effortlessly with Magento, WordPress, and Shopify as well. Other platforms.

Beginner-Friendly Advanced Features

Offers advanced features for beginners, even though they’re not anything to be proud of.

Advanced Segmentation & Multivariate Testing

These tools assist in testing and figuring out which features could be most beneficial to businesses over the long run.

Free Marketing Automation 

It provides the basic levels of marketing automation for free.

Support Exclusively Through Email

Provides support via email for free and paid customers while promoting the privacy of customers.

With MailChimp’s free plan you can send up to 12,000 emails to 2,000 subscribers, and more than that is necessary to sign up.

The cost starts at just $10 per month for having 500 subscribers, and the price increases by $10 for every 500 subscribers you will have.  


The GetResponse service may be the final Email Marketing service on this list, but it’s not in any way a wrong choice.

Due to its easy and simple-to-use platform, GetResponse offers a variety of features targeted toward small-sized businesses.

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How GetResponse helps businesses

Here are some aspects you should be aware of:

Smart Automation Tools

Allows you to create intelligent automated campaigns by making use of numerous marketing automation tools, which include everything that a company needs.

Drag & Drop Builder

It has a drag-and-drop tool available, helping users create campaigns. 

Boost Profits With Email Campaigns

Effectively build emails to increase profits by segmenting Contact and segmentation the market.

Create Attractive Forms & Landing Pages

Make sure that the client or user has a positive image of the company. Make attractive, professional web forms as well as landing pages using GetResponse.

Increase User Base

Allows A/B split testing as well as unsubscribe tracking. It also includes autoresponders to expand the number of users.

Integrates With Third-Party Lead Generation Software

Some examples are SalesForce, OptinMonster, ZenDesks, Google Docs, and many more.

All Forms Of Customer Support

Support for customers is available on all three platforms: live chat, telephone as well as email.

Free Learning Materials

Companies with any questions that require quick responses can even access learning materials for free.

GetResponse provides a free trial for 30-day that will assist every business in getting set up for the service fast. Pricing starts at around $15 per month and rises depending on the features.

How To Improve Your Email Delivery Quality?

As we come to an end with our article, we thought you might get a little help from our extra tip.

It will help you understand ways to improve the quality of your emails but also make your business gain a greater ROI.

How to improve your email delivery quality?
7 Best Email Marketing Tools For Small Businesses 14

Here are some of the ways you can improve your email delivery quality

Send emails using an email address that you can use professionally. The general rule of thumb is to use a unique email with the syntax of “[email protected].”

It should not be a basic one, such as a Rocketmail/Gmail/Hotmail email address. As well as Make sure to How To Warm Up SMTP Server IP and Skyrocket IP Reputation By 90% to Improve Deliverability.

But not only that, you have to make sure to validate and Warm up your emails before sending any email campaign.

Use market segmentation for sending a particular segment of people. Personalize your emails and increase customer interactions. However, for doing this you need skills that every email marker needs to succeed.

The emails are more likely to be discarded in the Spam folder if it doesn’t satisfy their needs.

Send mass emails so that you don’t need to waste much time wandering about.

Combining bulk email with segmentation can dramatically increase open click-through rates as well as open rates.

Connect Your Email Marketing service with your website to ensure that you are making the most use of these services.

Use free options from the above Email Marketing tools for small businesses. It is easy to determine which service is most suitable for you and not waste any resources.


Although the Email Marketing service is good in its own way, it can’t be effective without a solid strategy.

However In case, you’ve got any questions about the services, Just inform us in the comments section.

We’ll quickly tell you what we believe you need to be aware of!

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